Wednesday, December 2, 2015

'All things to all people' - a posture or possibility?

Some UC Regents frequently use the phrase 'we can't be all things to all people'...
W/ that
See Daily Dem:

State’s public university system called too small

California’s Higher-Education Crisis
Scores of highly qualified students are failing to secure spots at the Golden State’s public universities.


The Atlantic:

And it’s not just the UC schools. Even some of the California State University campuses—which draw from the top third of the state’s high-school graduates—have been rejecting qualified applicants. In fact, roughly one in four of the system’s 23 campuses now has admissions standards that are higher than the baseline CSU eligibility requirements, a phenomenon known as impaction. 


University of California pushes back deadline for transfer applications
UC Office of the President
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Out of State, Out of Mind

Educating more California students is always a worthwhile goal, but it should not come at the expense of other deserving students. “The best public school in the world” is an oft-heralded title of UC Berkeley — but many students are not included in this conception of public. When state-by-state education is so variable in quality, students should not be faulted for the subpar higher education systems of their homes. The University of California, in being among the top public higher education systems, has an obligation to help neighbors within and outside of its borders.

CA comes up over and over

California isn't a country, so why are so many in the state

“We can’t go it alone,” he said. “California as the exception has to become California as the norm.”

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