Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Another "15 higher ed headliner...

in '15 there was the Salaita $ result, but a short shrift, too

First, on Salaita:

"Salaita, University reach settlement"

(Btw,  for variety, One of his more recent tweets now includes comment on "stupid" reactions to recent Peyton Manning coverage.)


Sadly: At UCLA there's: this perhaps sterling case of maybe or maybe not...dementia again, or call it something else. It will come up again for UC Regents in 2016, no doubt.

Also,  a post on the latest involving The Peevey Matter and UC...
"The Peevey Scandal is About to Have Another Season"

Detailed coverage at LAT:

Now to the short shrifted ...
The topic Salaita was going to teach on rec'd short shrift in the coverage and aftermath coverage on his employment.
See-and note here in this c-span video at about the 59:00 mark how complex the discussion on that topic can get (serves also as e.g. of how another major '15 topic microaggression, triggers, or communication breakdown can play out, occur- but in this they achieved some civility, resolution at the end.)

The UC Regents : continue to deal with issues related to the topic

and this year  UC : received some funding on it:

UCOP tries out policy fixes on it

And Sacto sometimes tries leg fix wording like: "This measure would urge the Regents of the University of California "


some bacground on the speaker in that cspan video,:

He has been called “one of America’s Living Spiritual Teachers” and one of the few authors who can respectfully bridge the gap between Native and non-Native cultures.
He attended the University of Minnesota and graduated summa cum laude in 1968 with a degree in American Studies. He attended graduate school at Stanford University from 1969-1970 and later Graduate Theological Union and the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated with a Ph.D. with distinction in religion and art in 1980.

That bio includes:

"time driving a cab in Minneapolis in the late 80s."


Brought to mind this other well circulated '15   UC Pres piece in WaPo:

Higher education isn’t in crisis

"We need to end conversations about colleges that linger too long on costs, computer learning, Cassandra-like predictions and canards such as PhD baristas."


Is it a microaggression?

In memoriam on Mary Gordon  :

Janet Napolitano, the former Secretary of Homeland Security, and now the President of the University of California, was one of Gordon's earliest students. "There weren't many women professors at Santa Clara in those days, and she served as an important role model for me," Napolitano said in a statement. "She challenged me to do my best work and to approach the study of history with analytic rigor and an appreciation of divergent points of view. I carry those values with me to this day."


the UC "crap" thing, and the Committee of Two governance moves on UC, and more on UC
come up throughout  Sac Bee's review of CA politics in 2015, here:

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