Sunday, December 27, 2015

Does it fall under poli-sci, psych, biz, or??

Cal pointed to this study as a news highlight recently:
"Virtue, Vice, and the U.S. Senate"

 earlier in the year, also:

"Study Delivers Bleak Verdict On Validity of Psychological Experiment Results"

Study delivers bleak verdict on validity of psychology experiment results
Of 100 studies published in top-ranking journals in 2008, 75% of social psychology experiments and half of cognitive studies failed the replication test

And, another article

"The Misuse of Research To Support Deregulation and Privatization of Teacher Education"

And, there was:

California Jolt: State Upends How It Funds and Runs Education
While many state funding formulas use a weighted approach to try to account for the higher costs of educating different groups of students, California is taking an extra step. In a profound turnaround, and in keeping with Governor Jerry Brown's principle of "subsidiarity," decision-making responsibility for how to spend the money has been handed to local school districts.

This flips the norm established more than 35 years ago with Proposition 13, the landmark property tax limit, when the state became the school funding distributor as well as decider, largely dictating how locals could use the dollars. Over time, highly regulated "categorical" or specific-purpose programs proliferated.

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