Thursday, December 17, 2015

It seems, at Cal...

Every other person is an 'associate', 'interim', 'assistant' or 'fill-in the blank' mini VC, to the point that the title has no meaning anymore...

It even looks like Dirks (pictured here with the umbrella maybe b/c 'it's raining mini VC' ) doesn't even list an org chart for them anymore

No quick list to just count off how many of them there are floating around campus doing whatever??


Who is the new VC in this below?
cuz it now sounds like there are two for the same fundraising position?

"Campus Appoints Vice Chancellor for University Development and Alumni Relations"

She will replace Scott Biddy, who previously served as vice chancellor of University Relations for eight years. In October, Biddy was appointed as campus vice chancellor — a position that had been left vacant for the past several years.

In October appointed VC of what ? Which VC position was left vacant for years?

And there is mention of that DC story from January added in, to add to the ???

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