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IX at the end of 2015...'Poses larger higher ed questions'...updated

Need to add some additional important items, update on original post below.
Apparently a major UC public records request dump happened on the Marcy issue etc. ( the docs conveniently managed to be released late Dec. as finals and 'curtailment', break were winding campus life down)
So, here ya go if you're still in that 'what happened with that whole Marcy UC Berkeley thing' mode:

Buzzfeed did a piece in late November that adds important detail: "Here’s How Geoff Marcy’s Sexual Harassment Went On For Decades
Colleagues looking the other way, dysfunctional sexual harassment policies, and a “culture of quiet” in science enabled Geoff Marcy’s harassment to go on for so long."

Including this as well:
“I know female postdocs were refusing to apply to faculty positions at Berkeley because of this perceived reputation,” Avi Loeb, the chair of Harvard’s astronomy department, told BuzzFeed News. “When a situation like that persists there is other damage that happens to the department that is very real. If this persists, it suppresses diversity on many levels.” Marcy’s fame was also responsible for his swift downfall, Loeb noted.
When change did eventually come, it did not come from the top. 

This is an important post for detail, and a bit of a trip to read:
"Geoff Marcy, and the 21st Century Social Media Lynch Mob."

Within that piece links to

Marcy has apparently posted a pdf with the cpra docs --not sure if this is the full package UC provided or not, but it is quite a read if you want to see how this plays out...


University releases sex harassment report on astronomer Geoff Marcy

The details of UC Berkeley’s inquiry into Marcy’s conduct does not reflect well on the institution, with the process stretching for more than 4 years and Marcy given only weak sanctions after repeated promises to reform. 


SJ Mercury with this news coverage on it:


But years earlier, the professor expressed similar surprise that his interactions with undergraduate and graduate students -- which he described as an outpouring of empathy and concern for their private lives and struggles -- would have been unwelcomed.

"Geoff was extremely grateful that I brought this up," former astronomy department chairwoman Imke de Pater wrote in a brief report to the campus administration about their conversation in June 2011. "Indeed, he had no sexual intentions whatsoever, but he does see that


Contra Costa Times editorial: UC must fix its handling of sex harassment cases
This month, facing Public Records Act requests from this newspaper and other media, the university released the report and other documents. They show that officials received complaints in 2011, 2013 and April 2014, but the victims were unwilling to come forward. Finally, starting in July 2014, four victims and witnesses provided accounts.

One described "the pressure I felt not to be rude to a very senior person, and not to lose, through an awkward interaction, the academically supportive relations I had achieved with him."

Oakland Tribune on it


also, the SJ Merc has their slightly different version of op ed on it, too


If recall is correct...SJ Merc, Trib, and CoCo Times all have same publisher- their op eds are slightly different.
SF Chron is maybe on ...holiday covering this?!
Daily Cal nada,. For now anyway..
It has been mentioned in various news clips that the UC Regents will take up Title IX efforts as  an item at their January meeting. There also is a February deadline on new reqs for the task force review and reporting as well.

And so w/ that preface...

Some privatized IX to start off with...

Lingering over this aspect from the big story UCB - Marcy resignation coverage ...
"How to End Sexual Harassment in Astronomy" included:
The case against Geoff Marcy must be a wake-up call to reform our field
At my institution, Yale University, faculty and students receive semiannual reports of complaints and outcomes, stripped of names and identifiable features but indicating the positions of the complainants and respondents. This goes a long way toward informing the broader community about standards and consequences.

--Ruminating b/c recall this other NYT article in '14 that starts off describing the apparent behind the scenes handling that went on for years :
"Handling of Sex Harassment Case Poses Larger Questions At Yale"

A sexual harassment case has been unfolding without public notice for nearly five years within the Yale School of Medicine has roiled the institution.

Then there was:


And for more:


The med task force work, conclusions seems to be...privatized? Does it connect up with their astronomy efforts mentioned in the link at the top?


OK so that was Yale...

In mid December several IX articles popped up

Esp. Focused on Harvard and The Hunting Ground movie.

See in full this well detailed article by a Harvard law prof:

"Shutting Down Conversations About Rape at Harvard Law"

Also see:


And there's WaPo:


religious colleges have sought exemptions in recent years from federal prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation, saying the waivers are needed to protect school policies consistent with their faith, according to a new report.

On (in this instance, HRC is not that HRC):

HRC, which supports civil rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, said its report shows a pattern of “hidden discrimination” against LGBT students in housing, admissions and other aspects of campus life.

The findings are based on correspondence between colleges and the Department of Education obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

“There is an alarming and growing trend of schools quietly...

On the athletics aspects this, too:
"Former coaches, athletes file Title IX complaint against UMD"


Now, compare and contrast the above coverage with:

 Washington Monthly:
"What went wrong with Title IX"

Daily Beast
"Victims And Microaggressions: Why 2015 Was The Year Students Lost Their Minds"

includes sub categories like:

Affirmative Consent and Due Process: The New Wave of Sexual Assault Reform

The Race to Rename: Furor Over Mascots, Monuments, and Buildings

Safe Space and Microaggressions: The Language of Student Outrage

--also note the picture they chose to accompany the story...


and this was also circulated in the Washington Times
" Ending Title IX Tyranny"

Daily Caller:
"College Administrator Thinks Title IX Supersedes Constitution"

"Activists Might Be Gearing Up to Sic the Title IX Inquisition on The Hunting Ground’s Critics"

Now, to get back to reflection on UC and IX...let's start w/ ... ESPN

The Marcy case at Cal included: this, an important post from a former grad student, he started off his post by mentioning Marcy in relation to an ESPN' 30 for 30 episode,

At that time thought it funny the inspiration led him there--was expecting instead mention of ESPNw Nine for IX series...

So, here we go:
Via PBS NewsHour

Published on Jul 2, 2013 The espnW series, "Nine for IX," marks the latest anniversary of Title IX and its legacy in education and sports. It features nine films directed by women that focus on the stories of more well-known women -- Venus Williams, basketball coach Pat Summitt, Mia Hamm and the 1999 U.S. women's World Cup team -- as well as those who are less known to the public such as the late record-setting deep sea diver Audrey Mestre. 

As Wimbledon began its second week, Gwen Ifill sat down with "Venus Vs." director Ava DuVernay and sportswriter Christine Brennan, who appears in "Let Them Wear Towels," to discuss the new films, the broader aim of the series and the continuing impact of Title IX.

Also on YouTube




If you're 'covering it' don't miss:

Let Them Wear Towels:

Also a must see

a curious
piece: on very talented figure skater Katarina Witt focused on  the topic of socialism and pro sports rather than
a USA based discussion of the Two Carmens, odd esp. b/c the American Carmen was the story most relevant to Title IX policy...,

 See the other US based Carmen, not covered by ESPNw for IX, but covered: here instead. She was also a Californian when she completed higher ed.


Then in reference to how girls, women view themselves, there's:

this from a UCB Prof.at the 2:17 mark here in this youtube video :
...one benefit of being a girl today is Title IX. You can be an athlete, you can get a scholarship.
so i want to be a great race car driver as a girl and my role model is Danica Patrick who poses nude for Playboy or the Williams sisters or Maria Sharapova who dress on center court like fashion models and design their own dresses. It's not enough to be a great athlete you've got to look a certain way doing it. So, in some ways our wide diverse culture is a source of strength but in a lot of ways our culture has gotten co-opted into a pretty particular way a girl has got to look...


Will close w/ this:
SI got  it right awarding Serena, ,

and Serena got it right directing her own cover shoot and more
-and now Player of The Year

And, Venus did a great service in her pioneering lead in that Nine for IX docu series

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