Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mix of things

See Salon with much more detail on:


One of these contractors, Performance First, is under federal investigation by the Department of Labor for alleged rights violations. In a report by the Los Angeles Times, subcontracted UC Berkeley workers said that, during sports events, they sometimes work 80- or 90-hour weeks and are denied overtime pay.

A custodian who was employed by Performance First told the LA Times she worked 16-hour days, seven days a week to prepare for and clean up after UC Berkeley’s Golden Bears football games. She said she never received more than $10 an hour, in contravention of California’s labor laws.

The Department of Labor is still looking into the workers’ allegations.


UCOP hands out $ 5 million in grants

60 Minutes  with this piece on higher ed :

and more  on it here:

Pres. Of UC:

Napolitano: on MTP Daily - not about UC

but does she agree with the Pres. of the U C Regents on AZ?

Arizona, Nevada Governors Slam Jerry Brown's Comments On  ...

Arnold seems to agree with him on a few things:

Schwarzenegger hearts Jerry Brown: ‘Like one mind in two bodies” (Video)

Guv w/: " I’ve always liked that song.”


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