Sunday, December 6, 2015

New Digs? And various views on transparency, research, conflicts of interest questions, more.

some views out there: on transparency, research, conflicts of interest


UC has big chance to invest in clean energy and transparency
It is a public university. Its partners in this coalition are the world’s wealthiest men — men who don’t have much practice in the fine art of justifying their actions to the public.


UC's risky gambit on green energy

Mr. Poliakoff added, “When you introduce even the most wholesome agenda, you compromise the pursuit of truth.” Instead, the truth comes about – on climate change or anything else – “by the unpressured, unbiased production of science. One has to ask: Why is UC contributing $1 billion from the institution to do the research the faculty is doing? What does it gain?”

Alas, we should not be surprised at such a development. Ms. Napolitano is not a scholar, but a lifelong politician. The former Arizona governor especially was controversial when she 


California Gov. Jerry Brown is “playing president” at the UN climate change conference in Paris, according to veteran political prognosticator Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia.


Governor Jerry Brown insists that his request for the Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) to ascertain whether his 2,700-acre ranch lay atop an oil pool was motivated by a desire to obtain information about his ranch that he could store in a “glass case.”


Jerry Brown interview: climate change, fracking, Diablo Canyon, offshore wind, oil on his family ranch

Brown: "That data was coerced from my forebears. They had to file it with DOGGR. Then there are bureaucrats who say, 'that's not your information. We hold it. You can't have it.' Public records belong to the people of California, and public officials are people. And that material, it's like a library. That's there for the benefit of future generations. It ought to be looked at, it ought to be used. What I asked for, anybody else can ask for and will get. And contrary to what has been written, the same exact information is available. It is not a secret to be held in the hands of same employee or bureaucrat. It is there to be used, to be seen."

Was he planning on new digs?  ...

The President of the U C Regents will have them when he returns to CA from Paris... new old digs or old new digs - at the mansion:

Moving Day: Crews Preparing To Gov. Jerry Brown's Return To A ...

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