Wednesday, December 23, 2015

They're sayin' 'UCLA stonewalling' on CPRA? An 'Energetic' Festivus

 series of articles:

"UCLA stonewalls on connection to PUC scandals"

"UCLA records have not been forthcoming"
According to previously released emails, Pincetl and former commission President Michael Peevey discussed the grant as early as December 2013 and by spring of 2014 she put together a six-page proposal for the money.

The money was not announced publicly until September 2014, ...

UCLA Fac Blog pointed earlier to that , along w/ some commentary:

And here is : SF Chronicle on it earlier this year when it broke

Much more background at SD Trib 

They put: a lot of add'l resources on the sidebar of their articles: there

Meanwhile, there is this other series of articles covering: this ongoing event rolling out at the same time.


USC shows up in some of the coverage, but UC noticeably absent? It is difficult to find any UC research commenting on it:

Air tests will need to be performed to confirm that there are indeed toxins in the air, but residents told CBS L.A. the video likely proves their claims. Still, a University of Southern California professor of Hydrocarbons said the video could also show a mixture of several elements or fog, the report added.

Buzzfeed (brings up the President of the UC Regents in): "Tons Of Methane Are Spewing Out Of California, And There's A ..."


Some 50 tons of the gas are being released each hour, the California Air Resources Board estimates. That's one-fourth of all methane gas released in the state of California, the report added.

"The video looks like something out of a science fiction horror movie," 


But as Dekel and others argue, the Porter Ranch leak hasn't caused an international media sensation, yet, because there's no lava or giant waves, but mainly colorless gas that's upended thousands of lives.

Time: "The Worst Gas Leak in California's History Isn't Close to Being ..."

The only UC research that pops up on the subject is this :

-But it can't be used to fly over and measure in this event?

Anyway, back to that SD Trib series, if you need more of that coverage, see:

Another article from earlier this month includes many UC relations (a former chair of the UC Regents, a UCLA Prof also mentioned at the top, and a UCI Prof also comments below)
On "Top-tier water users "
Only one other top residential customer listed in the 2013 report responded to a request for comment. The customer, Gerald Parsky, a financier who once served as an assistant treasury secretary in the administration of Gerald Ford, used about 7.8 million gallons.


“We as a society feel that people ought to have affordable water to drink to cook and clean,” said Stephanie Pincetl, director and professor-in-residence at UCLA’s center for sustainable Communities. “As we find more expensive water, what happens is that it becomes less affordable to those who have less income. If you conserve you have more water available for everyone.”

Drought-shaming is one way for the general public to punish water hogs, but it’s unlikely to accomplish anything beyond catharsis, said David Feldman, professor and chair of planning, policy and design at the University of California, Irvine, school of social ecology. It can even backfire, causing shamed customers to dig in their heels, or even use more water.

BTW there was also,

"UCLA's Energy Atlas offers rare look at usage, efficiency in buildings"

“I think it cracks open a new window into really seeing how energy is used in a much more sophisticated way,” says Stephanie Pincetl, a professor at UCLA who heads the Energy Atlas project.

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