Thursday, December 17, 2015

UC Research - whose story to tell? An Effort On Faculty Retention?

this below may not jibe well with the earlier op ed about poor UC And Sacto  forced budget wizardry, Californians might think something doesn't add up:

UC’s venture fund is a calculated risk

New venture fund led by Vivek Ranadive will focus on UC inventions

Opting against an in-house venture capital play was smart and limits risk

UC’s $250 million stake is small fraction of its $100 billion under management

Though $250 million sounds like a lot of money, it’s a fraction of the $100 billion or so the UC holds in its pension fund, endowment and other assets; from Bachher’s perspective, the startup gamble is little more than a tidbit of portfolio diversification.

--Importantly, it also includes a section where it states this is a move for the effort on certain type of faculty retention.


There's also this from Forbes

does this quote include higher ed

Every business ends up looking like a basketball team,” Ranadivé told Forbes in an interview on Tuesday night. “All inventory is ultimately perishable, whether it’s basketball tickets or airline tickets or a taxi ride. How do you engage people, and how do you convert customers into fans?”

Another aspect to his franchise b ball "soap opera":

First see:
ESPN’s ‘Down in the Valley’ shows how community saved Sacramento Kings
This seemed fitting. It’s not his story.

and then
that down in the valley espn documentary opening is delayed and includes a CA political twist

Apart from that there's
On K-12

from Cal Channel this on
Assembly Informational Hearing on Teacher Evaluation, Probationary Period, Reduction in Force, the full thing runs about two hours

sac bee highlighted: one portion of it related to Vergara:

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