Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Biggie in '15 - A Biggie in '16

See :

"UCSD's wild, wooly, unforgettable case of Alzheimer's
Brain cancer surgery for USC defendant’s son casts shadow over big money court battle"

There is a reason the companies that have paid for these projects have directed that everything be transferred to USC. Putting this program in control of the people at UCSD who have had no responsibility for it in the past jeopardizes all the Alzheimer’s work that has been done for years with thousands of patients."

-latest developments and UC side covered there, too.

Then consider,

Anxiety raises risk for dementia
USC-led research of Swedish twins data indicates that anxiety may be a much more significant factor in memory loss than depression and dementia

Isn't this a line from the $6 Million Dollar Man?:

Remember, something like "better, stronger, faster..."

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