Monday, January 18, 2016

At Cal, Two Very Important Posts and Feedback On Them

This one was categorized as an " other subjects"  by The Berkeley Blog - but it is really about capital projects management, planning, community input, business processes, and much more:

Cal Athletics: Playing without a playbook


And Here:
This was categorized as an "energy and environment" post, but it is so much more as well...  it was posted Nov 10, 2015  but comments rolled in through December, please see

The errors of Campus Shared Services: we’re not making widgets

Employees that remain within units are burdened with additional work either to interface with CSS or simply to do the work because that is more expeditious than dealing with CSS. Faculty are also doing some of the work once performed by departmental staff.   Staff members now report to those outside of the units for which the work is done, so oversight is disconnected from the end user. Even with severe funding problems, some schools and colleges have reverted to hiring additional staff either to deal with CSS, or because CSS is not responsive to their needs.

Most importantly read comments there from various staff, with their perspectives/experiences re: working in Campus Shared Services-CSS- environment.

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