Thursday, January 7, 2016

"But immigration does not explain the wide gap – 18 percentage points – in college degrees between whites and African-Americans in California."

"College degree gap grows wider between whites, blacks and Latinos
State funding is down and tuition is up since the recession"

Want to add in here this story on Jeb Bush, Ward Connerly and affirmative action, too:

And perhaps just as importantly, he was attempting to block California-based activist Ward Connerly from putting an affirmative-action referendum on the November 2000 Florida ballot. That same ballot would, it was widely presumed, feature George W. Bush as the Republican nominee for president. Florida was a crucial swing state. The Connerly referendum would probably bring out droves of African American, overwhelmingly Democratic voters who would oppose the measure and most likely vote against his big brother.

Jeb Bush decided he couldn’t let any of that happen.


Gov. Brown’s budget proposal raises state funding to UC by 4.7 percent

This is what's in Gov. Jerry Brown's $170.7 billion California budget

Also, congressman Schiff  op ed on CA public higher ed:

See Daily Bruin:
Last October, the working group for the Statement of Principles Against Intolerance hosted an open forum and scheduled meetings with members of the UC community at UCLA to solicit feedback on the statement’s draft, which generated heated debate on how specific it should be. This gave regents an opportunity to have meaningful interaction with students – both in volume and variety.

However, not all those who had a scheduled audience with the regents during their limited visit got to voice their opinions. The working group ended the open forum before all students in attendance were able to speak, and before others with scheduled appointments arrived.

The working group has no plans to host an open forum again.

Since then, the UC has...

Regents To Vote on Student Advisor Proposal
“Even in terms of the voting power that we have, one or two student regents isn’t very large,” Mirza said. “But being at the table will help students shape the conversations happening in regards to the university’s governance.”


IX now tied to fundraising?...

"How Harvard Law Professors Retaliated Against An Assault Survivor"
Oddly, Harvard Law's attacks on Willingham did not begin until November 11, nearly 10 months after the film premiered. But they did come just eight days after Harvard launched a $305 million fundraising campaign. 


An important read gives detail:
"What Emily Yoffe Left Out of Her Polemic on The Hunting Ground "

...never quoted by Yoffe: a vivid, detailed, 37-page fact-finding report produced in 2011 by an attorney named Sally Adams, an independent investigator hired by the Administrative Board, Harvard Law’s disciplinary body.


...solid questions about on-campus justice systems: questions that have been raised by many other journalists and academic freedom organizations. Accused students, for example, frequently say that schools don’t interview their defense witnesses during on-campus disciplinary hearings. As Tyler Kingkade at the Huffington Post points out, alleged victims have said the same thing.


On an entirely separate note, a question :

is it common for UC Regents to award CSU?

Awards included:
David Chenot, chair and professor of social work: $1,410,408 from the Regents of the University of California for “MSW Title IV-E Social Work Training Program.” The program, which provides students with stipends to complete a master of social work degree in return for committing to work for a minimum of two years in a public child welfare agency, has received annual funding annually since instituted on campus in 2009.

Chenot also received a $178,700 UC Regents award in support of the “CalSWEC Mental Health Program.”
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