Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Campus Shared Services Layoffs, more

On the Layoffs at Campus Shared Services
Campus community should rally behind laid off staff

"One of the primary reasons is that decision makers at the university — and across the U.S. economy — are in the process of deskilling and dividing their own most valuable asset, core staff, through cost-saving technologies and techniques of dubious benefit to end users. While in the private sector the benefits of this kind of cost-cutting are shared openly and directly by highly paid managers and shareholders, in the public sector the relationship is more subtle but essentially the same; the benefits of “streamlining,” “efficiencies” and the like ultimately accrue to the very same tier of upper-level managers, who are rewarded for perceived cost-savings at the expense of quality of service."


Tele-BEARS revamp doesn’t drop biggest problems
CAMPUS ISSUES: Lack of adequate funding for students ensures continuity of students' struggle to register for their desired classes despite Tele-BEARS revamp.http://www.dailycal.org/2016/01/26/341068/

..."currently, phase appointments are determined by a student’s total number of units, including those garnered from AP and IB tests. First-year students can potentially enter UC Berkeley with enough units to register for classes at the same time as many sophomores, which only makes sense if they plan to graduate early — a path that few followMany high schools in California and around the country do not even offer AP classes. Through no fault of their own, students from these schools may enter UC Berkeley at a disadvantage and must fight harder and be more flexible in order to graduate on time.
Correcting this inequality in registration is the obvious next step in creating a less stressful enrollment process. In October, officials at UCLA announced the elimination of AP and IB test-based enrollment advantages, and the UC Berkeley administration should follow suit to level the playing field."

On an unheard narrative.


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