Sunday, January 3, 2016

Does UCD share those same interests?

(And..but- How? and Why?)

Highly detailed on UC:

University/agribusiness complex exposed: The Resnicks' deep ties to UC Davis, UCLA
Starts off with:
Much less well-known are the Resnicks’ deep ties to the University of California system, including Stewart Resnick’s “service” on UC Davis and UCLA boards and their foundation’s donations of millions of dollars to the university. 

I bet you didn't know that Stewart Resnick sits on the Board of Advisors of UC Davis 


The New York Times brought it up a few paragraphs in on this 2011 article:

UCLA Fac Blog previously, too- here:

"Food Gift for Thought"

"More on Looking at the Law School's Gift Horse"

Anyway, back to the 2016 piece at the top:

Mrs UC Regent Blum, or, as he affectionately calls her at UC Regents meetings -"your US senior Senator" - comes up in leg moves etc on it, in this recent NY Times article:

(published on New Year's Eve, so)

More: here, too.

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