Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hardly? Not strictly Stanford? And 'a bottomless pit'?

You might recall: that Vanity Fair article on possible nepotism, alleged sexual harassment etc involving Stanford  faculty,

now HuffPo includes cases from other segments of the community there.
"Stanford Has A Trust Problem When It Comes To Sexual Assault
Activists and student government leaders say the school is putting its public image above fixing the problem."

..."Aside from problems with how Stanford handles reports of sexual violence among students, legal battles have accused the university of inappropriately responding to sexual harassment among staff at the university."...


"Separately, a lawsuit by former professor Jim Phills against the university and the dean of Stanford's business school, Garth Saloner, claims Saloner slept with Phillis' estranged wife and then conspired with her to force him out of his job. Stanford and Saloner have denied the charges, but business school employees have claimed over the course of the litigation that Saloner's leadership is marked by "personal agendas, favoritism, and fear," and led to many women resigning from senior staff positions."

Alleged  donors interactions, behavior toward university staff raised in one major case in that HuffPo story and some of the donor names that come up in it  also happen to be sometimes donors to UC, first see:

"Sexual harassment claim: Stanford ignored Tad Taube's 'lewd' behavior, Hoover fellow alleges"

There's more background at:
Save Koret details there.
Former UC President Atkinson even comes up in it here:


"An open letter was sent to the Koret Foundation board on Oct. 17 from representatives of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Mujeres Unidas y Activas, the Jewish Labor Committee and other agencies.

At issue was a statement by official Koret Foundation spokesman Nathan Ballard, who told media earlier this month that “Susan was a housekeeper to Joe Koret and his first wife, Stephanie, and was only married to him for a brief period.”

Susan Koret is an immigrant from Korea "...


An archive at SF Gate
Almost attended UCLA , instead Stanford -and:

Taube avoids donating to what he calls "bottomless pit" causes - poverty, hunger, disease - because "no matter how much money you put in, it's hard to measure the impact."
"Contrary to what some people may think about him having a particular point of view, Taube listens and is open to others," said friend and private equity investor Warren Hellman, who enlisted Taube's help recently to relocate the Judah L. Magnes Museum's 10,000 Jewish artifacts to the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley.
"He is very catholic in his giving. ... Our family tries to emulate his diversity," Hellman said. "Taube's philanthropy is an impressive mix of local, national and international."

As a PS:
Hellman's daughter was Marcy's Dean:

she is listed in some of the PRA correspondence here

Her ex husband's Ex Associate who (when Dynes became Ex-UC Pres)


Birgeneau's Associate and headed UC Berkeley Title IX and Whistle blowers programs departed Cal with this quote on the four hour (imo 'mostly watching grass grow') documentary 'At Berkeley':

"That was a very interesting experience for everyone who participated in it. And yes, certainly, that would be an accurate depiction. Wiseman said, “The camera loves you. You’re just so authentic. You’re just you.” And that’s really me. I’m authentic. I speak truth. I’m just like, “Come on, folks, we’ve got to do this. This is real. Let’s understand what’s the elephant in the room — it’s here, and we’ve got to talk about it, and we’ve got to deal with it.”

That quote was made as another documentary, which featured Title IX and Clery related events at multiple UC campuses esp. UC Berkeley, called 'The Hunting Ground' premiered nationally and internationally:

(btw just to come full circle: when Dynes resigned he also at that same time married his other ex Associate from UCSD. Happy endings.)

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