Friday, January 1, 2016

In the New Year...and UC Comments on "260 Regulatory Agencies"

UC Comments on The 260+ Regulatory Agencies, see:

at around the 48:00 mark , flows into discussion of regulatory agencies that are in UC eyes redundant, could be cut
Regent M, or "Regent Hadi" as the Chief Compliance officer calls him, repeatedly says he wants to show it to the Gov. Pres of UC Regents
as though there hasn't been a commiiittee of two all year long to do so...
The alumni regent asks a good question about it but gets a squishy reply...
Discussion of separation of audit and advisory powers b/ween UCOP and the UC Regents comes up as well.

and then later in that same link during Buildings and Grounds a discussion of a $100 million dollar cost overrun on a building project that was prior reviewed and approved by UC Regents, they even called some of the prior work on it "incompetent"

yep ,if you wanna pick-all in all- this is the favorite UC Regents meeting clip of 2015

The :  Regents: have listed their meeting schedule like this as displayed on 1/1/16, let's see if they stick to it

(and see if the agendas roll out accordingly, and how much the dates get moved etc..)

Does the schedule below factor in the buildings and grounds committee and compliance committee schedules - both of those usually take place first day during late afternoon, or have they not been figured into the posted dates below? Why doesn't this schedule below include investments committee scheduling?
Listed there as:

"Meeting Agendas and Schedule

Dates and locations of scheduled Regents meetings are listed below. Ten days before each scheduled meeting, the Notice of Meeting (agendas) will be available on this website.

Live video streaming of the open sessions is available while the meeting is in session"

January 20-21

March 23-24

May 11-12

July 20-21

September 14-15

November 16-17

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