Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Is this something you trust UC to handle?

See new sexual harassment,assault policy UC just announced:

That is really what it comes down to, given all the latest UC management f---ups going on right now.
Just want to add in here that the above has a Dec 18 date

And noted here earlier the Marcy CPRA doc dump happened almost at the same time

In case you missed it:

What is going on with the IX February deadline taskforce part?  Does that just become another policy PDF to be circulated, or more discussion on that part at the March UC Regents Meeting?
Also, for a look at policy is handled b/ween UCOP and individual campuses, usually UCOP says they've delegated away duties to the individual campuses, but then sometimes... for the flip flop- look no further than the bookstores merchandise licensing story at UCSB and covered at UCLA..

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