Thursday, January 14, 2016

IX Policy -built to be perpetually rocky by design?

Does it just remain policy flip flops-  a chameleon- like tool of DINO and RINO in the individualized political favors emporium in Corporate D and Corporate R administrations?

Check it out:

"Hillary Clinton Promises To Tackle Campus Sexual Assault If Elected"

"Specific details on how Clinton's plan would be implemented were sparse. "


this headline doesn't seem to understand Sanders:
"Bernie Sanders Comments On Campus Rape, And Totally Drops The Ball"
"Bernie Sanders Doesn't Understand Campus Sexual Assault"


Check out some of the policy shift history:

"After 43 years of Title IX, women find their voice"

"Multiple court cases strengthened Title IX in dealing with these issues, though the road has been rocky. The Supreme Court in the 1980s decimated Title IX and similar laws. Years of lobbying by activists for women, racial minorities and people with disabilities got Congress to pass the Civil Rights Restoration Act and to override President Ronald Reagan’s veto in 1988.


Usually, though, schools avoided students’ complaints by delaying until they graduated or left. Then came the Internet."

Much more, See:

It seems there is a hope that once the Obama administration is out and any new Admin comes in somehow  IX will fade, change, or morph, or somethin'...

If you read the comments section attached to this, posted here:
"Guidance or Rule Making?
The U.S. Department of Education's guidance on how colleges handle cases of sexual violence and harassment improperly created sweeping regulatory changes, Republican senators say."

"U.S. Senator: Education Dept. overstepped authority on sexual assault complaints"

Then see:

More at UCLA:

Some DC press acknowledgment of how extensive:

Good detail on The First Time Ever-ness of this CalTech case:

- the 'first time ever handling it this way' does not come across as a good sign of what went before, institutional history ...

"This Professor Fell In Love With His Grad Student — Then Fired Her For It."


"Another Department of Ed official admits its ‘guidance’ on Title IX isn’t legally binding"

See also:

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