Saturday, January 16, 2016

Maybe some infographs? or?

As an example like the one down toward the bottom of this page on the side,BUT SPECIFIC TO UC..
who are they? demographics?, avg hours? where do they come from?
it would be helpful to know...
Lecturers’ union circulates petition to bargain for fair contract from UC
Daniel J. B. Mitchell, a professor emeritus in the Anderson School of Management and former director of the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, said both sides are required by law to bargain in good faith over wages, hours and conditions, including benefits.


Petition to Napolitano: Deliver a Fair Contract Now

Submitted by bquirk on January 9, 2016 - 12:26pm
Lecturers Teaching with No Contract
After 12 months of negotiations, the UC still hasn't put in writing serious proposals on salary or responded to our proposal that everyone should have retirement benefits. UC's core teaching faculty are now working without a contract. We call on you to bring UC's team back to the table with serious proposals for a fair contract.

• Stabilize appointments of the most precarious lecturers.

• Increase access to retirement benefits for part-time lecturers.

• Lecturers deserve a fair salary increase that reflects their essential contribution to UC's educational mission.
The petition is here:

Other  info here:

Workforce Census: Summary

Workforce census data as of 10/31/2014.

Job Type Headcount
Regular Faculty 1,540
Faculty Emeriti 918
Other Faculty 1,231
Other Academic 3,561
Grad Student Titles 4,589
Staff 8,959
Student Titles 6,031
Affiliates Non-Employees 4,262
Workforce Total Headcount 31,091
(includes paid and unpaid employees and affiliates/non-employees)
For notes and additional information, visit our Workforce Census page.


Davos has folks thinking about:

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