Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Swensen model, Ranadive model, and the UC Regents, patents and tuition

BTW, update: Wilton leaving Cal in Feb.:

"Bitter fight over CRISPR patent heats up
Unusual battle among academic institutions holds key to gene-editing tool’s future use."
“This is an absolutely humungous biotech patent dispute,” says legal scholar Jacob Sherkow of New York Law School. “We’re all waiting with bated breath.”

"Cost Share Shift
A new report from the Delta Cost Project reveals how much more heavily institutions rely on tuition dollars since the recession."


"U. California’s Chair on How to Hire a Great CIO
Paul Wachter—portfolio adviser to Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James—reflects on his transformative tenure at UC’s $100 billion fund."
"We want the fund and its staff to be competitive venture capitalists—that’s why the organization’s ownership is independent. Personally, I’m hoping it will grow a lot bigger than our approved $250 million anchor investment, and all along I have been pushing to make that initial allocation a meaningful number. My vision is a long-term project that will be truly valuable to the UC’s professors, students, institutional reputation, and investment office."
"Wachter: Well, if you listen to the public comments, some people are obsessed with that. I do think that comparing ourselves to public and private institutions of size is important. But I don’t obsess on it; I obsess on our absolute performance. I know David Swensen is a genius and a master and a teacher to us all—and that’s all good. But we are huge, even compared to those guys. We’re bigger than Harvard, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania put together if you look at all our investable assets."

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