Friday, January 22, 2016

The Pompous and the Circumstances, it was a bit rich

 Thurs UC Regents Meeting,
it was public comment, which seemed to illustrate that there could certainly be more of a political costs fallout for Napolitano than for Brown on the pension at the Committee of Two deal, Fossil Fuel divestment and student adviser pilot also commented on.

UC Med staff gave some very harrowing accounts of what cuts and a bad Pension can do to operations of all kinds...

Then they moved on with a CERN and UC Presentation (brought to viewers by Regent Blum in Island's Ed Committee B/c Blum and Yudof traveled together on a trip around it  and wanted the topic raised during a UC Regents open session time slot, so...-fan of the subject matter but did it need to be scheduled like this?),

Then the student adviser pilot vote was passed after some UC Regents who've been on UC  project management and policy management holidays gave their concerned remarks about the gravity of the position and..., then they rubberstamped committee votes approving compensation mostly for athletics coaches,A (new head at LBNL BTW) ,  and now Alivisatos becomes Berkeley's VC-Research

no news account of the termination of a UCR professor raised in the Wed. agenda so no detail on that, but it was not a unanimous decision:

January 20, 2016
[Recommendation to be available for release pursuant to instructions from the Office of the 
General Counsel.]
Board vote: Regents Davis, De La Peña, Elliott, Gorman, Gould, Lozano, Napolitano, Ortiz 
Oakley, Oved, Reiss, Ruiz, Sherman, Wachter, and Zettel voting “aye,” Regents Island, Kieffer, 
Lansing, Pattiz, and Pérez voting “no.”

and then they said goodbye to Regent Ruiz with lots of words and said goodbye to Regent Atkins (who was in Sacto for State of State w/ Gov.) with a sentence, they said bye to Regent Wachter on Wed.

Here is the direct link to Thurs UC Regents Meeting:

CA public higher ed funding comes up in:

“He’s convinced us that in a lower-return environment the fees are more important,” Daniel Hare, a faculty representative on the investment committee overseeing the University of California endowment, said in an interview. “Many of the things he’s done were things that were hoped for when he was hired.”

"While the leak was first discovered in late October, it took Brown two full months to declare a state of emergency. This, after UC Davis scientist Stephen Conley in early November determined that 100,000 pounds of methane was leaking per hour at the site, or 1,200 tons per day. Of course, this inaction is par for the course for Brown, who has long ignored the perils of oil and gas production in the state, especially when it comes to fracking. In the short term, scientists estimate "...

UC students were raising this issue alot,too at UC Regents
Memo to Brown: Affordable housing is a life and death matter

And there's this poll on Californians priorities compared with Gov. Pres of UC Regents Brown's, at SJ Merc.:
And here is:
Governor Brown 2016 State of the State Address


Yep, a music school

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