Friday, January 15, 2016

UC Enrollment of Californians Dropped Last Year - again

See Sac Bee:
1317 or 1600?
"Resident enrollment dropped at University of California last year

About 1,600 fewer California students enrolled at UC last fall than in 2014

UC says drop caused by misalignment between budget negotiations and admissions cycle

University will increase California enrollment this fall to stay on track with growth goals"

Also note:

UC declined to provide a breakdown by campus.


UC Davis reported that it enrolled 417 fewer resident freshmen and 294 fewer resident transfers last semester as compared with fall 2014, a decline of 9.5 percent. The number of new out-of-state and international students grew by 460, up 40 percent.

If they are going to provide that detail on UCD ( with the unpleasant Katehi-Illinois-Admissions -Flashbacks that it no doubt causes) , then why not just put out all the campus numbers?

It looks even worse to not report on the non resident admissions numbers in a campus breakdown report...
when one notes how the campuses and UCOP provided multiple reports, tables, charts,graphs on 2016 applications received, something they do each year quite easily:

The stark comparison  just serves to highlight UC lack of transparency.

It seems UC did not take those Sacto exchanges last year  too much to heart.

Some proposed new legislation on it mentioned in the Sac Bee article.

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