Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Berkeley faces a $150-million deficit current fiscal year, representing 6 percent of its operating budget. “Every aspect of Berkeley’s operations and organizational structure will be under consideration,” Mr. Dirks wrote in his message. Among the changes he spelled out:

Looks like it is shaping up to be new rounds of Op Ex battles, Layoffs and bumping rights to add staff drama?,  but
commitment already that no sports teams will be cut:

some more new coverage:


As you read the stories below keep this 2014 Berkeley PR in mind
UC Berkeley raises $3.13 billion from more than 281000 donors

And Remaking the University with: The UC Berkeley community received this email this morning.
'Under consideration'
for cuts, that is:




Is Oski now a dungeness crab?

Some questions floating around:
Is it true that a senior Admin position at Cal, leadership member in $$$$$, pursued a first BA during Op Ex ? If true, that would have been an extremely inconvenient, impossibly overly busy time to pursue both efforts, and what does that say about all the staff who were denied promotion or raises over the years w/ reasoning because they did not have a BA BS or masters etc? Yet a, leadership position could be filled by someone w/out a BA nor BS a key Cal $$$$$mngmnt position?

And other leadership at Cal claimed they were creating budget forecasting fixes, they held events, tried to claim creating new research lit on it, yet some of them left at their five year vesting employment date stamp? Did they just roll through Cal to get a retirement benefits ticket stamped with no real tangible, implementable budget forecasting, planning fixes left behind?

All the ' full Ginsberg' headlines above indicate a PR blitz plan, was part of the plan to have Wilton's resignation effective before the news items above rolled out?
There are also Title IX considerations ...
Several Cal athletics might get cuts, remember the baseball diamond where Wilton staged his...?  well, ya know...

For systemwide folks, you might want to revisit a UC Regents Meeting presentation Wilton gave them a while back where he displayed a capital projects forecasting tool. If it works how could surprises only  crop up in budget analysis during Committee of Two? If such a tool worked and financial analysis by folks at Cal  did not occur just last year but has been ongoing, -then how could the problems detailed in the stories above occur in an 'operationally excellent' environment?
And also keep in mind some key current UCOP ops and budget leadership came from Cal...

And under the reasoning that things run smoothly at Cal , some UCOP leadership has decided to have key UC PATH systemwide trans. Process/ functions flow through UCB, so...

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