Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bill Gates makes a very strong case for the Humanities, Liberal Arts

In NYT  there's


 UC Irvine has this Feb 26 Future of Higher Ed symposium:


Gates discusses UC research like CRISPR genome editing in relation to infectious diseases, altering mosquitoes etc

He also discusses future trends
The changes in workforce demands in the next 5-20 years

The trajectory for AI, artificial intelligence, over the next 40-100 years

He also discusses the privatization of big research projects
The state of private research vs state of public research
And, yes, he starts off with climate change

And the need for ethics and governance and power structure assessments to take place, critical thinking, history, legislative work on all of  the above -  needed now and well into the future.

Keep in mind his associations with UC and
Throughout the talk - keep the general idea of the relationship of avg citizens and their relationship to the public research university in mind:

The one hour talk is available here
At Hulu

Or via

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