Friday, February 19, 2016

Clintonistas Gilded 36 - a Rival to the Bushesque 74, or no?

Their reach extends into Higher Ed., US presidential elections...

First, Does this story remind you of the UC Gilded 36 news stories on UC compensation, benefits from a few years ago? It even includes another role for Yudof...

Here's a flashback if you need it

Now see WaPo:
"New nonprofit aims to push for social mobility, educational equity"

" Two well-known Democrats have joined forces to create the Opportunity Institute, a nonprofit organization pushing for social mobility and equity in education.

Many of the group’s policy goals align with Hillary Clinton’s campaign platform — unsurprising, given that O’Leary is a key Clinton adviser. But Edley said that the organization was not set up to be allied with Clinton or her presidential bid. “What you’re seeing is the accident of the relationships that Ann O’Leary and I have,” Edley said. “It’s not political strategy.”"
"Board members include Robert Reich, who served as secretary of labor under President Bill Clinton, and former New Mexico governor and congressman Bill Richardson, who served as Clinton’s secretary of energy. Also on the board is billionaire hedge fund manager and climate change activist Thomas Steyer, and Nadine Burke Harris, a doctor whose work has helped establish the long-term health risks of childhood stress and trauma.

The organization expects to spend $9 million this fiscal year and receives funding from foundations and labor unions, Edley said."

comment there includes common sentiment:
"Money is being spent on cushy jobs for a lot of bureaucrats to advocate policies we already know are needed. How about just spending the money on actually implementing these policies instead of providing cushy high-powered jobs for people to advocate them. The research has been in since the 1970's."

Also see, for more in the same flavor:
Who's Really Behind Campbell Brown's Sneaky Education Outfit?
The former CNN anchor says her nonprofit seeks to protect kids from predators in the classroom. Its real agenda may be union-busting.

"candidates for president—Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, and Chris Christie—sat on a stage in a Londonderry, New Hampshire, high school to talk K–12 education policy with former CNN anchor-turned-“education activist” Campbell Brown. The New Hampshire Education Summit, sponsored by the school choice advocacy organization the American Federation for Children and hosted by Brown’s glossy new school-reform website, the Seventy Four"...

BTW Bill Clinton and Co. Will be at UC Berkeley in April...
Maybe the program will include other Clintonites like
Denise Rich, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, even Lanny Davis...who knows?

Maybe they'll even talk about Title IX and hedge funds... Or human rights...

These UC Berkeley economists etc. - can't find they pen anything on the economic evidence of UC Berkeley's latest claims of financial crisis -but they are willing to write about:
"Sanders' Economic Plan Torn Apart By Former Clinton, Obama Economists"

They say a new analysis of the plan makes “claims that cannot be supported by the economic evidence."

Can't find any comments or analysis from Edley, Reich, Romer, D' Andrea Tyson, Yudof etc on UC Berkeley's current financial crisis claims - the $150 Million Dollar Deficit That Can't Possibly Be Handled By The $3.13 BBBiliion Dollars Received by Donors in Fundraising Campaign-resulting in Layoffs etc. --

Piketty on Sanders

Can't find anything (from Piketty or) Saez on the UC Berkeley $150 million deficit either.

Is it wrong headed to expect that all econ profs should write something about the economics of their own home campuses?
Looks like a former Granholm staffer is now Cal's admin and finance public relations staff etc.?
with this, a story on latest moves of Op Ex Campus Shared Services initiatives leadership:

Did Granholm bring her staff with her to Cal?
Can't find anything about Jennifer Granholm comments on Flint Water Crisis, but do frequently see her talk as HRC surrogate... Maybe she will write on it at some point.

She did a show for Al Gore's Current TV...

HRC is running on the Obama record in the exact opposite manner of how Gore ran (Didn't) on the Wm. J. Clinton record, man that is a sad sad reminder of why, and what followed as a result...

UCSB Staff Assembly Exec Letter Supports Senate Concerns About New Pension Tier

But the staff are not listened to... Their decades long and perennial requests for better training of UC supervisors, managers; better tailored more efficient benefits ; fee, tuition waivers for their dependents to attend UC, etc are heard each year by each new UC Prez and nothing results from it:: see their hangout with Napolitano from April 2014-Benefits and UCRP come up in it repeatedly -
at least that exchange was far better than the not archived live streamed staff BS talk with Szeri, Raymond, Koshland in 2015...oye.

BTW, the profit sharing and patents relationships , offsets (if any) are never explained in relation to UCRP , yet one continually hears UC leadership state they have a compelling case to make on details to Sacto and CA to encourage, support a reasoning for increased state funding of UCRP...

If staff leadership are eagerly writing support letters for UC Academic Senate shouldn't the UC Academic Senate also provide staff with details on those profit sharing, patent relationship forms of compensation for faculty as a matter of fairness?

If pol operatives wanna play with Ed policy for personal aggrandizement: it just results in this for a generation or two or three or...

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