Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Napolitano on 'Apple exemption', UCD questions, more

See BBC:Janet Napolitano: 'No Apple exemption' on privacy video

Will post that full interview once it is up.

This other set of stories on UCD:
Yudof said a few times in interviews etc that he visited UC Davis on these types of issues in recent years as 'roving emeritus UC Prez', so the demands for lights, transit services etc seem like items that should have been alerted to and even  implemented long ago- a lot of money has been spent there on consultants, their Op Ex initiatives, senior admin recruiting, global campus, so--, see in:
Abc 10 local They include more emergency call boxes across campus, improved campus lighting after dark, and more nighttime transportation options for students.

UC Irvine New U paper now has: UC Data Monitoring System Sparks Privacy Debate

Like Ligon and the other professors at Berkeley, Kay agrees that the UCOP should have informed and worked with faculty in addressing cybersecurity on UC campuses. Kay understands that the UCOP had to act quickly after the cyber attack last summer, but he believes that there should have been more effective communication.
“There may have been explanations for the lapses — an emergency situation, the threat of lawsuits, new people in management positions who weren’t really familiar with what shared governance means — but they were lapses and the communications need to be much better in the future,” he said.

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