Thursday, February 11, 2016

Those January UC Regents meeting 'peculiar comments' mentioned here earlier...

Here is a transcription of some comments on UC PATH heard at the January 2016 UC Regents meeting at around the 03:26:00 mark here:

UC Pres. Napolitano
 When I joined the University of California UC PATH was already sort of underway. It had been going on with some bumps in the road on its journey. My previous experience when you try to unite massive data systems like this -its a lot more difficult then you would think. There's a lot of moving pieces. University payroll systems are not typical payroll systems- there's types of pay, people partially paid on grants, partially on salary, you have got any kind of possible scenario you might conceive of. I think bringing the project in house and assembling  the team you assembled I appreciate the comment about staff who have worked hard to get this thing on its way, we see where we  are going. I think the state of California tried to do something like this once; the FBI tried it and didn't succeed, the Pentagon tried;
I, everyone tries to do something like this... I'm confident not only are we going to succeed but then we will sell to other places the way to do it and make some of the money back , but lastly I just want to say this will not only be better for our employees because the pay stub is easier to understand has information on it, but will give us some management  tools  system wide that will  enable us to hold administrative costs down, so thanks to  all. We know we have a ways  to go. UCLA  is our largest campus now we're gonna add a medical center and everything else but 70 percent of the foundational work is done and done successfully.

(Bold emphasis added - on a section where in her comment there remain questions about whether or not the terms with the vendor allows for it. Also, is she implying UC would charge govt for help from UC? Wouldn't the vendor beat UC to the punch on that?)
Then Ex officio UC regent Lt. Gov. Newsom
 As the president was saying this is by no means unique to our system and in many respects not unique to private sector either. Large scale IT projects with legacy systems attached are notoriously not only difficult but also almost so usuriously expensive as it relates to contractual obligations in California.We've  wasted literally, and wasted is not a word I use lightly, literally $1 + billion dollars we have wasted -gone -dust -evaporated- it doesn't exist any longer of taxpayers money on failed large-scale IT projects including that $371 million dollar payroll system upgrade of which we're now in litigation with the state. So, this is difficult regardless of the governance structure but I just want to compliment  your sincere  commitment to this effort and to your follow through and we will continue to track it because we need to -this is an area that doesn't get the attention that it sometimes needs ...but job well done. I beat you up at the last meeting that's why I say Nathan made sure I compliment you at this meeting.

On this next piece...
Is he windng down his presidency by 'being tacit' all over the place?
Will he become an academic again? Does he go to Higher Ed for the next chapter?
In that same speech he used the line many former presidents utter: his next role 'will be the country's most important role- that of private citizen',-- but what exactly does that role mean for regular constituents in the present day? His ambassador to Japan wrote about it early on...

He pivots instead to discussion of innovation...
Protecting U.S. Innovation ....
Our new national action plan includes $3 billion to kick-start an overhaul of federal computer systems.

The reader comments on it there include history of rollout of ACA, etc.

More today from IHE on UC :

All very complicated stuff, but UC is coming up in it regularly, so fwiw the above as an FYI...

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