Sunday, February 28, 2016

U. In the Disparities, signs of the future marginalizations?

Echoing some of this: Remaking the University post 

SF Chron with UC Berkeley comparisons with Stanford
The University Divide in the Region Grows

"Both UC Berkeley and Stanford are ultra-selective powerhouses, churning out graduates, fresh ideas and social revolutions. Think of Silicon Valley and the Free Speech Movement, for starters.

But the institutions are moving in opposite directions when it comes to all-important finances that spell the future. Berkeley is constrained by sinking state support and a skeptical Gov. Jerry Brown, a Cal grad himself who has pounded on the entire University of California system for leaner operations and more online classes.

That’s put Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks in a defensive crouch. Years of deficits can’t be papered over, he’s saying in a dismal admission that his school has heavily overspent in the past three years.

He’s bringing up layoffs, cuts to sports programs and an open-ended examination of the school’s direction. "

The news coverage seems to go back and forth on what is on the table for consideration/cuts : sports, Dept's etc....
Above- Why did they pick a Silicon valley- FSM comparison?

SJ Merc had this a while back, for more detail 

UC Berkeley in the red: Chancellor announces upcoming cuts, changes

"Despite recent increases in state funding, the cost of annual health and pension benefits -- which more than doubled between 2007-08 and 2014-15, soaring by $200 million -- contributed to the university's 6 percent budget deficit, according to the campus. Other factors pushing the budget into the red included costs of construction, maintenance and seismic safety: After 2006, when the state stopped issuing bonds for capital projects, the burden shifted to the aging, earthquake-prone campus. Also, since individual UC campuses don't set tuition, and -- as the result of political pressure -- the rate across the system has remained flat since 2011."
There was this piece geared to college bound HS  about UC policy:

The UC Regents plan to enroll 10,000 more students over the next three years, and while I jump at the opportunity of having more people join the UC family, it is something that must be taken extremely seriously. If the policy requires more student employees to become mandated reporters but they cannot keep up with their current demand, what will be the future of 10,000 new UC systems, who come to our campuses expecting the world-class education their parents pinched their pockets for?
The policy is a great way for the universities to wipe their hands clean of any liabilities, but at the same time, it greatly endangers the students that it claims to serve. 

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