Friday, February 5, 2016

UC Berkeley in the Election Primaries...more.

See Bezos' Washington Post:

"Sanders is relying on the research of University of California at Berkeley professor Emmanuel Saez, who had once concluded that the top 1 percent accumulated 91 percent of all income gains from 2009-12. But then when the numbers were updated in June, for the period ending in 2014, the new calculations showed that the top 1 percent captured 58 percent of total real income growth. “The recovery from the Great Recession now looks less lopsided than in previous years,” Saez said.

Moreover, there are limitations in Saez’s data,"..
(The newspapers are part of the Election too:

Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorses Marco Rubio (BUT NOT BECAUSE OF SHELDON ADELSON))

Sometimes there is UC Berkeley research : on that area, too
BTW, decisions have already been made about the UC Regents March meeting, see this link to Daily Bruin:
"She said the Board of Regents will adopt a statement of principles against intolerance in its March meeting"
This next is deja vu for some, on a  Clinton event at Cal:

Union Calls on Bill Clinton to Cancel Speech at UC Berkeley
Union says Berkeley exploiting contract workers (Updated) 

"A labor union is calling on Bill and Chelsea Clinton to cancel their appearance at an upcoming conference at the University of California Berkeley unless the school takes measures to improve its treatment of contract workers."

"The Clinton Global Initiative University, a project of CGI aimed at college students, is scheduled to hold its ninth annual meeting at Berkeley on April 1. Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton are slated to host the event."
A flashback via SF Bay Guardian:

How the UC regents avoided a PR mess with Bill Clinton

“We would prefer to not have to do this kind of stuff,” Thrush told the Guardian. “But unfortunately, in the world that Dick Blum operates in, we can’t get his attention unless we do stuff like this. As he works hard on poverty issues and gives money and time to poverty issues, he also makes decisions at UC that further the poverty problem of our lowest-paid workers. We want to keep reminding him that it’s not OK to do that.”

Yep, just another reminder


And one more update, a funnel cake that's baked:

UC funnels $1.32 million in seed funding to create Blum Center coalition , happening as campus Layoffs of Staff occur

"Union members submit petition, stage protest over layoffs in Campus Shared Services"

Union calls for speaker’s boycott, urging improved treatment of subcontracted workers

many subcontracted workers seek direct employment at UC Berkeley for jobs in which they would do virtually the same work they perform as subcontracted workers. Their requests are often denied.
One of the campus’s contracting companies, Performance First Building Services, is currentlyunder investigation by U.S. Department of Labor for allegedly underpaying its workers and withholding overtime pay.___
Good luck finding the "in California" part...

"UC’s Blum Federation to tackle global poverty"

Higher Education Act Overhaul a Long Shot for This Election Year

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