Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wasteful, expensive, non-transparent, invasive UC bytes at the evidence based C.Y.A apples, again. Harvesting questionable lessons from a crop of management failures...

So to speak

First, there's UCSF to Incorporate Lessons Learned From Mission Hall to Future Buildings

At a town hall meeting on Feb. 5, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Dan Lowenstein, MD, apologized to the faculty and staff who have experienced “pain and suffering” with their move to Mission Hall.

“Our intentions have always been to try to do the very best to support the efforts of our remarkable faculty, staff, students and trainees,” Lowenstein said. “There’s been much controversy about the planning process and the decisions that have been made, but at this point we need to harvest the lessons from these experiences"...

--They posted that on Feb. 12th and want comments, suggestions back by Feb. 19th- is it just for some 'research vanity project' at this point?

Sounds just like the negative Op Ex , shared services Cal feedback...and the warnings that were voiced early on prior to the costs, expenses of launch of the projects, initiatives...
They also serve as reminder of the Title IX UC failures and evidenced based research excuses that never result in improvements.
UCSF had warnings early on that it might not be the approach to take, and that fixing the fix could prove far more expensive..
Remember this

Also see this new post on UC systemwide and a potential new UC motto to replace Fiat Lux: "Where I Implant UC, There Shall Inequality Be"

Daily Nexus Op Ed "Living Wages Left Out of Library Renovations"
In 2014 the library employed 82 library assistants who made, on average, $34,596.63. To put that in perspective, the median family income for Santa Barbara is $75,400. The EPI study calculated that you need $59,268 to meet your basic needs, and none of the library assistants received that kind of salary. Worse yet, 61 of these staff members meet the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s definition of low income"

"Obviously, this discrepancy in pay has a deleterious effect on the staff. Despite the fact that I have earned two master’s degrees from UCSB and that I am expected to resolve complex, research-related queries, during the first three years I worked in the library I was forced to rely on my retired mother for help each month with groceries. As I near 40 years old, it is deeply humiliating to be unable to support myself on the wages I earn.
I am humiliated to be in such a penurious state, but I am grateful that I have the family support structure to help me stay afloat. The stories I hear from my fellow co-workers who are in situations much worse than mine are humbling. One woman has her ex-husband and her grown children helping her meet her rent each month. Another colleague is in a situation like mine, receiving help from her retired parents, but had the added horror of needing to go on disability due to surgery. And of course there is the army of UCSB employees who live nowhere near Santa Barbara and commute more than an hour each way in order to make ends meet on their salary.

These stories are legion amongst the library staff at UCSB, but they don’t describe what we do every day in service"...

"The University of California is the third largest employer in the state and the largest in Santa Barbara. With the recent increases in funding from state coffers and the resources to undertake major building projects like the Library Addition and Renovation, UCSB should be a force for economic growth, not a catalyst for the continuing evaporation of the middle class."

UCSB Alumnus Elected UC Regent
Fran Mancia’s term will begin July 1, 2016
- See more at:

"Mancia is a vice president of government relations in a Sacramento advocacy firm that specializes in representing government agencies, including cities, counties and special districts."
--Do they ever appoint UC alumni who are regular non Sacto mix nor big donor affiliated folks? Seems the answer to that is always 'no'...

On this San Diego Union Tribune article where the 'transparency' flows only in one advantageous direction: "CPUC boss pushed transparency for UCLA center"
"proposed energy data hub at UCLA was envisioned as a cutting edge effort to gather utility usage data — down to the"....

Gifts from UCOP doled out and covered as 'political capital' like this, rather than as UC funding itself:
"This effort recently got a big boost from a Research Catalyst Award of just over $1 million from UC President Janet Napolitano"

UC Berkeley lookin like some planned, strategic May Revise scripting...remember $3+ billion raised by Cal -just that one campus alone-announced last year, their yet to be built Global satellite campus in Richmond plans, expenses still steam ahead--- so how big a financial crisis can it really be?
Can Berkeley stay Berkeley?
They also do an advert there for 'World Academic Summit 2016 to take place at University of California, Berkeley'

And why does a CSU response include 'welcome to our world' -- didn't CSU folks see the OpEx shared services etc going on at Cal, UCD etc. for years?

Notice of Meeting: Committee on Investments, February 26, 2016
Date: February 26, 2016
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Location: Plaza Room, De Neve Plaza, Los Angeles Campus
1111 Broadway, 21st Floor, Oakland
Agenda – Open Session
Public Comment Period
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meetings of September 9, 2015
and September 16, 2015
I-1 Discussion Student Engagement in Investments
I-2 Discussion Update on Investment Performance for Periods Ending
December 31, 2015
I-3 Action Amendment of Investment Policy Statement for University of
California General Endowment Pool
I-4 Action Amendment of Investment Policy Statement for UC

And in closed session;

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of September 9, 2015
I-5(X) Discussion Update on Office of the Chief Investment Officer Regarding
Organization and Personnel

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