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Committee of Two Negotiations and Those Recent State Audit Findings on UC

But first a few other items of note:

Don't miss the audio archive available at this link on:

The University of California is favoring thousands of out-of-state students over more qualified state residents who pay lower tuition fees, according to a state audit released this week. The university encourages out-of-state enrollment to bring in more revenue, says the audit, which also finds that nonresident enrollment has quadrupled in the last decade. Critics, including some state legislators, say that the UC is neglecting its mandate to serve Californians. But UC President Janet Napolitano called the criticism unfounded and fired back with a UC report finding that the university is using the additional tuition funds to enroll more in-state students.

Host: Michael Krasny


Catharine Baker, assemblymember, 16th District, California State Assembly

Elaine Howle, California State Auditor

Nanette Asimov, higher education reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

Steve Montiel, press secretary, University of California Office of the President


Dirks must be so relieved to be bumped down a li'l on the headlines, but it continues to roil, see:
Michele Dauber and Sofie Karasek: Laws needed to curb sexual misconduct on campus

Then this link to in depth interviews on it:
UC Berkeley assistant basketball coach Yann Hufnagel has been fired for alleged sexual harassment. Monday's announcement from UC officials follows the resignation last week of Berkeley law school dean Sujit Choudhry after he was sued for sexual harassment. Critics say UC Berkeley has grossly mishandled harassment cases by only lightly punishing offenders. UC president Janet Napolitano has announced a new review process for such cases. Forum discusses several recent faculty harassment cases at Cal and how they have been handled by the school and the UC system.

Host: Michael Krasny


Dan Mogulof, executive director of public affairs, UC Berkeley

Michele Landis Dauber, professor of law and sociology, Stanford University; helped develop a sexual assault complaint and adjudication process at Stanford

Sofie Karasek, director of education and co-founder, End Rape on Campus. She graduated last year from UC Berkeley and spearheaded the federal Title 9 complaint against UC Berkeley, representing 30 students


See at the 56:00 mark from March 2015 JLAC Chair Gipson who requested the audit on UC admissions , Admin exec pay etc made the presentation where he also commented about Committee of Two Negotiations and admissions decisions as leverage came up in discussion of the audit plan, also agreement to delay the audit start until four months later, in July 2015-- in deference to Committee of Two, or deference to a part of the Committee of Two.
A flashback to consider as we also think about last week's UC Pension vote at the UC Regents. (At the very beginning of the video clip below there also is a presentation on another audit of UC related to UC acquiring CA land etc.)
What if the audit started in March with no delay and we'd heard the findings in November 2015 rather than now -one year later? Just something to consider...see at the 56:00 mark:

The Commodification of Higher Education
Colleges and universities have become a marketplace that treats student applicants like consumers. Why?

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No Comments From UC Regents On Audit Findings? and...So many questions...

The compensation costs for UC PATH Project...where do they figure in? ...
No comments from the President of the UC Regents on the audit findings?
The ex officio Regents who were absent from the March UC Regents Meeting also have not commented yet on the audit findings?
Lots of great infographs in:

Audit accuses University of California of favoring out-of-state students


UC audit: Napolitano must not dismiss accurate critique

"Howle has won a national reputation as a strong watchdog — not as a headline hunter. That’s why it was troubling to see University of California President Janet Napolitano dismiss Howle’s 116-page audit criticizing how UC has responded to budget problems over the past decade.

The analysis makes a persuasive case that UC officials pushed through big hikes in tuition and student fees without first making a good-faith effort to contain costs."
"The audit was requested a year ago by Assemblymember Mike Gipson. On Tuesday, Assemblymember Gipson posted on Facebook, “I’m thrilled that I did it. But I’m embarrassed and upset this audit has revealed this tremendous disparity between residents and nonresidents.”

He added, “It’s a form of discrimination against California students that UC would accept a lower standard for nonresidents, but maintain a higher one for Californians.”

“My reaction is utter disgust,” he said. “I’m going to use a harsh word, and the word is discrimination. We are disenfranchising California students.”"

and then,

"UC Davis was among those who “increased their individual campus enrollment targets for nonresidents at a faster rate than their targets for residents. These two procedural changes satisfied the university’s goal: In fiscal year 2014–15 the university generated $728 million from the supplemental tuition that nonresidents paid—a growth of $403 million, or 124 percent, from fiscal year 2010–11.”"


Starving the Beast Trailer from Steve Mims on Vimeo.

FU all over the place...

Prof. Schwartz detailed analysis on
Management Bloat at UC - How Big is it? Where is it? Why is it?

In light of, see this link:
"We also identified key areas in which the university could have reduced its costs in recent years, thus making funds available to enroll more residents. For example, the university's spending on employee salaries increased in eight of the last nine fiscal years despite the State's fiscal crisis. By fiscal year 2014-15, its annual salary costs had risen to $13 billion. The university also paid its top executives significantly more than employees in other high-level state positions receive: 14 of 15 of those in its top leadership positions earned at least $400,000 in fiscal year 2014-15, which was significantly more than the executive branch paid the governor and directors of several large state departments. Although the salaries of the university's chancellors rank low in comparison to other higher education and research institutions, the university could do more to help justify its salaries and benefits by conducting regular compensation and benefits studies.

Moreover, the university could have engaged in cost-saving efforts related to one of its initiatives and to recruiting. Specifically, the university did not maximize the benefits that it could have achieved through an initiative it developed in 2010 called Working Smarter, which the university asserts generated $664 million in savings and new revenue. The university's goal for Working Smarter was to generate administrative savings and new revenue sources that it could redirect to the university's academic and research missions. However, the university is unable to substantiate the $664 million of savings and new revenue that it asserts the initiative achieved or even how much the university redirected to its academic and research missions. In addition, the university does not require campus participation in the initiative, nor does it centrally manage the savings or revenue that the campuses generate. The university estimates that if it had achieved a campus participation rate of 80 percent for one program alone, it would have generated $9 million of additional savings. We also found that in fiscal year 2014-15, the university spent $4.5 million to recruit undergraduate nonresidents, a 400 percent increase over the previous five years. A reasonable limit on nonresident recruiting expenditures could have resulted in significant savings for the universiity."

And there's
From January:

Student Debt Rohit Chopra and Susan Dynarski talked about whether there was a student debt crisis in the U.S., and, if so, who was in default and why.

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CA State Auditor and UCOP Reports Released Tuesday

Already proposed legislation discussed: includes:

"A spokesman for Gov. Jerry Brown declined to comment, but lawmakers from both sides of the aisle expressed outrage over the audit's findings.

"It is shocking to see how resident students are being undervalued by an institution created to educate them," said Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting of San Francisco.

Two Republican assemblywomen, Kristin Olsen of Riverbank and Catharine Baker of San Ramon, said they plan to introduce legislation to cap enrollment of nonresident students and raise standards for their acceptance."

Inside Higher Ed gives an overview:


A JLAC Requested Report released on Tuesday: 2015-107 - University of California—Budget, Enrollment, and Executive Compensation
Est. Release Date: March 29, 2016 at this link:

They have breakdown by campus if you scroll to the very bottom of the above link, it lists like this:
"Agencies/Departments Related to This Report:
University of California
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of California, Irvine
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Merced
University of California, Riverside
University of California, San Diego
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Santa Cruz"

Or read the entire thing
Full Report:
At is their fresh link to Napolitano's letter to the State Auditor and their report:

"Straight Talk on Hot-Button Issues: UC Admissions, Finances, and Transparency,”

Changing Universities: The State Audit of the UC: The Problem with Non-Resident Admissions
"we have to ask what is going to happen to the underfunded campuses with the highest number of underrepresented students from California? The answer is that they will receive an inferior education with huge classes and little personal attention. This is what separate and unequal educational funding looks like."

State audit: University of California lowered admission standards for out-of-state students

SF Gate ,SF Chronicle:Audit shows UC admission standards relaxed for out-of-staters


State auditor blasts University of California over tuition policy


UC schools harm local students by admitting so many from out of state, audit finds
State auditor targets UC fiscal, admission policies


UC System Put Profits Ahead of In-State Admissions, Audit Finds

Audit: University of California undermines resident students
Daily Bruin: Audit finds UC enrolls out-of-state students at expense of residents
Daily Cal: Increased out-of-state enrollment hurts resident students, state audit finds

State audit rips University of California system for admitting too many out-of-state students


AP Wire via:

California System Enrolls Too Many Out-of-State Students, Audit Finds

Why UC Tuition Hikes Is Everyone’s Problem

Clintons, CGI University at Berkeley this weekend

When she was in town last week she gave her talk at Stanford...

This is like what she was paid for that talk she gave at UCLA a few years ago...

"For two seats at the head table with Clinton, George Clooney and his wife, attorney Amal Clooney, at an April 15 fundraiser, a couple must contribute or raise a whopping $353,400 — a huge ticket price for a hard-dollar fundraiser."

SF Dinner With Hillary Clinton And George & Amal Clooney Costs $353K

Is that kind of group going to have California residents challenges to pay UC Tuition at the forefront of their minds?

Monday, March 28, 2016

"The San Francisco Chronicle reports Monday that in a letter to Vice Provost Janet Broughton, tenured professors in Berkeley's South and Southeast Asian Studies department say they are frustrated that numerous complaints against an assistant professor have not been addressed for more than a year. Four cases against the professor were filed with the university during the 2014-15 academic year, none of which has been completed. The latest case involves complaints by five students. A university spokeswoman says the campus is working on improving the process for timely disciplinary action."

UC harassment inquiry shows system’s shortcomings, faculty say
"UC Berkeley policy says that its process for investigating and adjudicating such complaints “will be completed within 60 business days from (the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination’s) receipt of a report absent an extension for good cause.” If there is an extension, it says, the complainant and respondent will be notified in writing.

The graduate students’ cases against Wentworth, however, have been pending for between 11 and 14 months. They say they have not received any final findings, known as Case Outcome Letters, extension notifications or timelines for resolution."
"But South and Southeast Asian Studies Professor Sylvia Tiwon, one of the faculty members who signed the letter to the university about the Wentworth case, expressed frustration that it took bringing media attention to the situation to get action.

“If you don’t speak publicly, it’s like it never happened,” said Tiwon. “And there’s never enough evidence to satisfy everybody. … Think about what these students have to go through. It’s a very demeaning process, and it’s an unbearable choice they have to make, whether to stay in this system and struggle for their careers … or to release from it all and walk away.”

“The reality is that graduate students by their very nature don’t stick around — they graduate, or they drop out,” said Hadler. “And if the system itself is designed to generate delays, then it can be running out the clock in some ways. That’s a real problem.”"

"Said faculty member Ram: “My main concern at present is that the slowness and vagaries of the investigative process have left all affected students in an untenable situation, where they are effectively denied the possibility of continuing their studies in a safe and secure environment, while supportive faculty members look on aghast, with little power to change the situation for the better.”"
"In its lead story this morning, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on yet another case, involving allegations against Blake Wentworth, an assistant professor in Cal’s South and Southeast Asian Studies Department. According to the Chronicle, some faculty members have written a letter to Vice Provost Janet Broughton, condemning how UC Berkeley has handled the case.

The Chronicle quoted one of the people who signed the letter: “I’m tired of being told to keep my mouth shut and let the wheels of justice turn, because they’re turning pretty slowly,” said Professor Jeff Hadler, former chair of the South and Southeast Asian Studies department."
Faculty criticize UC Berkeley over sexual harassment claims


Why is this going to be permanently filled over the summer? what is so special about doing the recruitment over summer?


Could UCSF's entrepreneurial bent work on other UC campuses?

"While UC innovations generated $118.2 million in patent royalties and fees in fiscal 2014, for example, the bulk of the innovation originated from four campuses: UCLA ($38.8 million), UCSF ($23.4 million), UC San Diego ($20 million) and UC Davis ($11.5 million). The newer UC Merced campus generated no patent royalties and fees in fiscal 2014. UC Santa Cruz accounted for less than $200,000 and LBNL brought in $3 million."


CSU faculty should receive 5 percent raise, fact finder says

Salary dispute ongoing since last May has reached end of arbitration

First systemwide strike in CSU history looms next month

Chancellor: ‘I’m not going to spend money I don’t have

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Napolitano 's Status On The UC Status Of Staff, Women Is In Question? and other things...

The recipe for baking impression that Anita Hill's former counsel is now part of that group in a 'war on women' -- how does that logic flow?

If you combine
1-All of IX cases occurring under the Napolitano OP at the helm, particularly at the campus where she also arranged her faculty appointment,

At UC Berkeley, promises of a crackdown on sexual misconduct are met with skepticism by students

Mercury News editorial: Sexual harassment awareness test flunked by Cal Athletic Department
Includes: "Martin says at first the victim didn't make clear that she was being sexually harassed. She says she did. The university is investigating, but the athletics department isn't waiting for that.

Wes Mallette, Cal athletics spokesman, undermined any facade of neutrality by insisting that Martin had followed proper procedures. Athletic Director Mike Williams doubled down: "To dispel any doubts about Coach Martin's role, the University will be initiating a review of all of the documents and communications related to his actions. We firmly believe the results will support our confidence in Coach Martin."

In other words, they've declared that they don't believe the victim. It's outrageous.

This comes after the cases of astronomer Geoff Marcy, who subjected students to unwanted groping and kissing, and law school dean Sujit Choudhry, who couldn't keep his hands off his executive assistant. In both cases, investigations were buried and the men were given wrist slaps -- until word leaked out.

Marcy resigned. Choudhry resigned as dean and kept his teaching position, but system-wide University of California President Janet Napolitano ordered him removed from campus while Cal initiates disciplinary proceedings.

Next we learned about Hufnagel. An investigation concluded that the assistant coach repeatedly propositioned a reporter covering the team, sending explicit text messages and trapping her in his apartment garage to, in his words, "trick her" into going up to his place for sex.

His attorney, Mary McNamara, dismisses it as a "flirtation that never went anywhere" and notes, "he never touched her." No one claimed he did. Sexual harassment is not just touching. It's about unwelcome advances, intimidation and misuse of power. Hufnagel controlled information the reporter needed to do her job."

Berkeley Vows to Improve Response to Sex Harassment

2- add in the vote on UC Pension reform this week and her coded language around promises of salary increases for certain 'critical staff'

"When it came to approving the new tier of the pension plan by the full board, Regent John Pérez voted no as did the Alumni Regent Rodney Davis and Student Regent Avi Oved. Pérez’s objections – see yesterday’s post – involved both the staff vs. faculty divergence and the offering of the DC-only option, opposed by the unions and objected to by the Assembly Speaker and the state Senate President. Pérez raised the issue of the gender composition difference between faculty vs. staff among those above the PEPRA cap, notably nurses and the effect of offering the DC-only option on the unfunded liability."

3- and recall the many years of UC practices of glass ceilings for majority female staff at the AA III level etc which used to be openly discussed and white papers and resources shared a very long time ago, like this and that report. SLOW STEPS TO CHANGE 1971- 2004 A HISTORY OF THE UCSF CHANCELLOR'S ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN AND STRATEGIES FOR - University of California, San Francisco
-but now just handled generically, non specifically with lots of generalities,

And, Napolitano's failure to talk about how she is -or might be- aware, not just in terms of national policy, but of the UC history of those issues At UC Specifically...

And there you are-- that's how you map to that conclusion, or those sentiments among staff being developed and expressed in public comments at this week's UC Regents Meeting by staff.


Read: Is the pension story over?

Multiple tactics to delay or stop that new policy outlined, it starts off with:

"Letters were received from the speaker of the state assembly and the president of the state senate in opposition. Regent John Pérez - the former speaker of the assembly - noted that in the PEPRA negotiations, a DC option was explicitly rejected by the then-leaders of the legislature. It was repeatedly noted that the DC-only option was not part of the Committee of Two deal with the governor. So receipt of the money attached to that deal is not contingent on having a DC-only option."

You can also read synopsis of the UC Regents Sessions in these posts there:

Napolitano just penned this:
Investing in Dreams at the University of California

Will the bias monitoring... Be biased? And so it continues...

You can already hear the chatter:
UC Regents Plan To Monitor Campuses' Response To Anti-Semitism and Other Bias

"Regent Norman J. Pattiz said in an interview Thursday that multiple cases of hostility toward Jewish students at UC campuses prompted him and other regents to take a more active role in monitoring the situation. He said many Jewish members of the UC community felt that complaints about bias toward them have not been taken seriously enough.
"We're asking for regular reports on instances of intolerance that take place on campus ... so we can determine whether we think the actions taken were appropriate," he said. "This is just Jews standing up for ourselves during a period where instances of anti-Semitism continue to be reported on college campuses.""

-- and in that story other groups plan to monitor UC on First Amendment compliance.
The concern seems to be
will other groups receive the same monitor of bias effort if they don't have representation on the UC Board of Regents - those who are now sitting on the board and "sticking up for ourselves"/themselves?

Did they just engage in further bias, create more problems on climate?


University of California Adopts Policy Linking Anti-Zionism to Anti-Semitism
On First Amendment and other issues at Cal, there is this type of coverage:

PC Zealots Seek And Destroy Lars Ulrich At UC-Berkeley

"Politically engaged people of all stripes are turning their back on the most important right in American society: the right to speak without fear of violent repression. It is a terrible tragedy that we evidently cannot trust our public universities to serve as moral compasses leading us back toward civility."

It also points to Daily Cal video of the disruption if you didn't catch that at DC.

And there was that OP ED in DC

Ironically, and not covered in that Daily Beast article: Didn't one of the members of Dirks cabinet who complained about that disruption at that Ulrich event then, himself, go on to grab the lens of a News outlets camera when it was stationed as he brusquely walked passed it on Bancroft Ave? , that happened just days after the Ulrich, Benioff etc event... Video here

So yeah, the moral compass...

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It makes for...Strange Higher Ed Fellows

UC Berkeley unveils sexual harassment prevention plan
"Attorneys for Hufnagel and Choudhry have since blasted the university, saying it unfairly punished their clients because of the negative attention. A letter from Choudhry's lawyer to UC President Janet Napolitano last week demanded she publicly apologize to the former dean and rescind her directive for faculty leaders to review and possibly strip him of his tenure protections.

In response to the growing scandal, Napolitano also this month ordered Fleming removed from all administrative roles. In a letter to Dirks, she made it clear she -- like the public -- had been in the dark about the extent of the problem.

For months leading up to the Choudhry revelations, the university failed to release records on employees' discipline in sexual misconduct cases in response to a Public Records Act request made in November by this newspaper.

But Dirks on Thursday promised the campus that the era of secrecy was over. "We are committed to personal accountability and transparency," he wrote in his letter to the campus.

The scandal has tainted UC Berkeley's image, and while Thursday's action could be an important step, some were left questioning Dirks' plan and whether another task force is necessary.

The campus already has a Coordinated Community Review Team on Sexual Misconduct. The new task force, UC Berkeley spokeswoman Janet Gilmore said, will review procedures, sanctions and campus culture, and issue a draft report by July.

Its only useful purpose would be to "do a true post-mortem on why all these cases have been so mishandled and make public those findings," said Michele Dauber, a Stanford Law School professor and advocate for sexual assault victims. "This is a scandal, and it should be investigated as a scandal.""

NYT is the only one to point out that the Boalt Dean assistant is a Cal alum

UC Berkeley chancellor unveils new plan to fight sexual misconduct on campus
LA Times has lots of detail on it

UC Berkeley Announces New Steps To Stop Screwing Up Sex Assault Cases
But after multiple federal complaints and lawsuits, some students are skeptical of another task force on sexual assault.

"Cal student Meghan Warner, one of the complainants who sparked the federal Title IX investigation, said she’s pleased to see more resources going toward the offices handling investigations and advocating for survivors.

However, she called the new task force a “a waste of time and resources.”

“We don’t need yet another official-sounding task force, and it’s clear he’s creating this because it looks good, not because it will most effectively address the issues survivors have been pointing out for years,” said Warner, who also serves on an existing task force called the “coordinated community response team.”

“I was in a meeting with Steele a few years back where we explained Title IX investigation issues and sanction issues, and how everyone keeps saying they take this issue seriously, but they do nothing about it,” she told The Huffington Post. “So it hurts to see him do the same thing years later. It’s about reputation, not student and employee safety.”

Sofie Karasek, one of the recent graduates suing UC Berkeley, said she was also skeptical that the new task force would be any different from previous task forces, like the one set up for all University of California system campuses in 2014, or the previous Title IX advisory group at Berkeley.

“It is blatantly obvious that the sole purpose of establishing yet another task force is being able to announce its creation,” Karasek said. “The students I know who were on Berkeley-specific task forces and working groups over the years routinely complained that key administrators would not bother showing up to meetings, that the meetings would be scheduled at inopportune times, and that little to nothing was accomplished during them.”"

SF Chronicle mentions it:

Some detail on that petition:Petition started by Cal fans has reached Mike Williams and the University of California Office of the President, sources say. and includes:
According to a source, Martin's contract -- he's currently working off of his term sheet from when he was hired in 2014 -- is being held up, pending the conclusion of the University's review of his role in reporting the harassment -- what he knew, when he knew it, and when he reported it."
""One donor and longtime season ticket holder penned a letter, specifically to AD Williams, and I used that as a way to fill up the white page, so I didn't have to start from scratch. Then, an individual who works in Title IX issues at another university helped pen some specifics about how the law and Title IX rules and guidelines have changed, even over the last couple of years."
Bruvold's father taught at Cal for the better part of three decades, and, he said, "many of my earliest memories were spent at Harmon [Gym] and California Memorial Stadium." He said that he feels a lifelong affiliation with the Bears, despite not having matriculated from Berkeley."
"It is germane to this timeline to note that the reporting process at Berkeley for sexual harassment on campus must go through the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination, with three people, according to a source in the administration, currently handling 26 sexual harassment investigations, at an institution of over 35,000 students and 1,620 full-time faculty, with just three full-time investigators."
And then there's this:
Title IX Regulations Are Making Universities Act More Like Corporations, AAUP Says
A new report argues schools are just interested in avoiding federal investigations, not actually ending sexual violence.

For Cal's Wurster Hall folks

A gift from UCSB at the UC Regents Meeting today see:
Charlie Munger Announces His Experimental UCSB Dorm: UC Regents
With some side comments about donor strategy

- yep, it really went down like that...surreal. If you've been following the issues at Isla Vista for UCSB students --it starts off funny and then mixes with depressing...

SB Independent with more on it:
Charlie Munger to Donate $200 Million to UCSB for New Dorms
Record High Gift Far Exceeds His 2014 Theoretical Physics Donation

"Munger stressed that there is “one huge catch” to his housing design: no windows — like Disney cruiseships’ artificial portholes where “starfish come in and wink at your children,” he said. “ … No one can tell it’s not a window,” Munger asserted. “Our design is clever. Our buildings are going to be efficient.” At the Munger Graduate Residences in Michigan, the individual bedrooms do not have windows but the common areas do."

UC Regents Meeting Agenda March 24

Live and archive of this week's UCRegents meeting sessions can be viewed via this direct link:
See: this link for agenda items and ways to view

Thursday, March 24

8:30 am
Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf)

8:50 am
Committee on Compliance and Audit (open session) (pdf)

9:15 am
Committee on Grounds and Buildings (open session) (pdf)

10:00 am
Committee on Compensation (open session) (pdf)

10:30 am
Board (open session) (pdf)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"“I think Napolitano’s job essentially is on the line if she can’t get this situation under control,” Dauber said. “It may be that there may have to be personnel changes, one or more of the university’s top leaders, in order to resolve the situation.” Regardless, Dauber says she believes the only way to ensure safety at college campuses would be mandatory annual disclosure of sexual misconduct data to state lawmakers."

This article includes audio clip:

UC Regents and Staff Call for More Accountability on Sexual Harassment

RNs to UC Regents: Invest in UC Students, Patients and Nurses, not Wall Street
Press Conference 8 a.m. Thursday

The Atlantic:
UC Davis Students Demand the Ouster of Their Chancellor
Citing her paid side gigs and the horrific brutality by campus cops that marred her tenure, they make as strong a case as campus protesters anywhere in the nation.


More multiplier effect PR games:

Updated the immediate last post w/this but posting it here as well:

UPDATE: The Morning session can be viewed here at this link:

LA Times on the UC regents say anti-Semitism has 'no place' on campus but reject blanket censure of anti-Zionism

Key comment on the UC Pension came from Regent Perez, he was very succinct, and expert in his comments and questions: at the 04:06:00 mark here

UC Berkeley professor Judith Butler gave public comment that was interrupted by the Secretary to the Regents - here are her comments in full and some additional comments after the amendment to the policy language and vote :

Judith Butler's Statement on UC Regents Proposed Principles Against Intolerance

Note this headline from SF Chron (it is time stamped as ten hours old at 2:30pm PST,why?) differs from LA Times:
UC regents committee OKs ‘anti-Zionism’ as discrimination

--Maybe the policy or the "aspirational" affirmations leave it all highly contestable, subjective, ongoing unresolved...

Another key point of the meeting were the comments around health treatment disparities for UC Students particularly comments on services at UC Merced and the student observer and then the UCSA leadership comments on that part of the meeting---

Live and archive of this week's UC Regents meeting sessions can be viewed via this direct link:

One more instance from the morning session of note: one of the student observers who gave comment asked if he could ask the UC Regents a couple of questions and Ed Comm Chair Island said no the UC Regents don't answer questions. The response could have been worded differently, Island could have said 'you can state or submit the questions but we don't engage in an exchange right now, we just receive your observations' or something like that...but to just say the UC Regents don't answer a student's questions that was not a great look for a teaching institution to give that studentin front of the media or the public -it might make them question the mission of UC or- UC regents understanding of the mission of UC.

UC Regents Meeting agenda March 23

UPDATE: The Morning session can be viewed here at this link:

LA Times on the UC regents say anti-Semitism has 'no place' on campus but reject blanket censure of anti-Zionism

Key comment on the UC Pension came from Regent Perez, he was very succinct, and expert in his comments and questions: at the 04:06:00 mark here

UC Berkeley professor Judith Butler gave public comment that was interrupted by the Secretary to the Regents - here are her comments in full and some additional comments after the amendment to the policy language and got took place:

Judith Butler's Statement on UC Regents Proposed Principles Against Intolerance

Note this headline from SF Chron (it is time stamped as ten hours old at 2:30pm PST,why?) differs from LA Times:
UC regents committee OKs ‘anti-Zionism’ as discrimination

--Maybe the policy or the "aspirational" affirmations leave it all highly contestable, subjective, ongoing unresolved...

Another key point of the meeting were the comments around health treatment disparities for UC Students particularly comments on services at UC Merced and the student observer and then the UCSA leadership comments on that part of the meeting---

Live and archive of this week's UC Regents meeting sessions can be viewed via this direct link:
See: this link for agenda items and ways to view
Wednesday, March 23

8:30 am
Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf)

9:30 am
Committee on Educational Policy (open session) (pdf)

10:45 am
Committee on Finance (open session) (pdf)

12:00 pm

1:00 pm Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories (open session) (pdf)

1:30 pm
Committee on Compensation (closed session) (pdf)

1:45 pm
Committee on Compensation (Regents only session) (pdf)

2:30 pm Committee on Governance (Regents only session) (pdf)

2:40 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (Regents only session) (pdf)

3:00 pm
Committee on Educational Policy (Regents only session) (pdf)

3:15 pm
Committee on Finance (Regents only session) (pdf)

4:00 pm
Board (Regents only session) (pdf)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Who Read It That Way?

Now a story about a petition: Petition pushes to keep Cuonzo Martin as Cal's basketball coach
And here is that petition if you are so inclined, or just want to read it in full.:
It, in part, says this:
"Given the report took eight months to generate, the fact that Coach Martin is now being separately investigated strikes us as both unnecessary and short sighted."

(Agree, sort of. Why didn't UC anticipate the question? Why didn't they look into it parallel to looking into the other aspects so that the findings would have all been available when the story broke? All of that was easy to anticipate, so...)

The petition also asserts:

"The individual who was affected by Coach Hufnagel's behavior was not forthcoming of details when she first reached out and upon learning those details Coach Martin took immediate and proper steps."

It also characterizes IX like this:

"The near-daily evolution of Title IX rules and administrative guidance has made it very difficult to completely understand the roles and responsibilities of reporting parties, and the myriad of types of complainants and respondents. As you know, Title IX and The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is first and foremost about protecting students who are subject to a sexually hostile campus environment. So when you have you employees, third parties, vendors and visitors to campus involved, and especially when no students are involved, the duties and obligations are not clear. Back in 2015 when this situation was happening, it was even more muddled since this area of law has changed and evolved even from that time. OCR itself has had to clarify and withdraw many of the public notices they have made. If the enforcing body is not clear about the application of its rules, how can we expect non-subject matter experts who are administrators to be held to some all-knowing, overbearing standard?"

--just, as far as petitions go... There was a petition a couple years back to fire Katehi that 116,000+++ signed, so...
Cal launches investigation 'to dispel any doubts' about head coach's role in harassment case - The San Francisco Examiner

Is that how they are supposed to be set up? With an objective to dispel?

Since sports in this post:
University Diaries with this HOT story:
Well, it has hopped from a local newspaper to the AP…

Have a Holly Jolly March Mad Mess...

See: Cal signee Tyson Jolly requests release from letter of intent
"Given the uncertainty at Cal, I have decided 2 ask out of my LOI and re-open my recruitment. This was not an easy decision, but the right 1."

And, After NCAA exit, what’s next for Cal?
"This was supposed to be his breakthrough season with the Bears, who boasted an all-Pac-12 point guard, two five-star freshmen, a deep bench and healthy big men. Getting heralded individuals to put aside the ego was Martin’s primary task.

Less than a week ago, Cal was finally living up to the preseason hype. It was back in the Associated Press Top 25. It had won nine of its past 11 games. It owned its best NCAA Tournament seed in program history.

“We were in a great position,” freshman forward Ivan Rabb said. “Then stuff started falling apart.”

Monday morning, after a seven-month campus probe into allegations that he repeatedly sexually harassed a female reporter, assistant coach Yann Hufnagel was fired. Cal announced Tuesday night that it was looking into whether Martin fulfilled his duty as a mandatory reporter of the allegations against Hufnagel."...

And there's:


Critical points in the year when recruitment of Chem students occur- some prospective students likely saw that Chem Dept confusion/ headline
Why was communication occurring via rumor mill?

That can't be great for recruiting...

The prospective law students were visiting Boalt the same weekend the Dean sex harassment story broke -can't be great for recruiting...

When the sex harassment scandals of the last decade at UC occurred we continually heard from UCOP and Chancellors that they were going to make UC the leader,the exemplar, the foremost authority on prevention and response on these types of cases. There was supposed to be 'excellence' goin' on...

March Madness month is now a mad mess for Cal..

Even last Fall, when the Marcy thing was breaking, couldn't they've dealt with these cases then?

Have A Holly Jolly...

Affiliated with...or not. And, Could that UC Regents item play into the Election?

See:The UC Regents Make A Muddle of Academic Freedom


Board of the Council of UC Faculty Associations
Regents should decline the Working Group on Principles Against Intolerance report


UC Academic Senate Concerns on Proposed Principles of Intolerance (3/21/16)

Maybe the Clinton's will discuss the State Dept policy being used as domestic Higher Ed policy and whether or not they think it appropriate when some of the Clintons visit UC Berkeley on April 1-3.

Campus likely trying to ensure they are not placed in the position of having to cross picket lines, likely needed to provide assurances:

What's next from speakers boycotts to...picket lines?, see IHE

"Stenhouse declined to say whether there would be more speaker boycotts, but if the university has its way, it won’t be an option.
When the union’s contract is up again for negotiation, Gilmore said, the university will seek to bargain for an end to the use of the tactic in the future.
“The tactic actually stifles the free exchange of ideas,” she said. “It interferes with the operation of the campus by denying the community the benefit of hearing the perspective of state, national and international leaders and scholars, and denies students the opportunity to share their stories and ideas with these leaders.”

On a related note:
Did one of the authors of: this Daily Cal op-ed grab and block a journalist's camera lens just last week when the Boalt events were breaking news... you can see video: here and decide for yourself.


Are there other 'tie in's or peripheral details to consider in this next item? For instance, there's a sex harassment allegation at Stanford perhaps to recall?? As though Cal doesn't have enough headline associations on that subject yet...

(What part of) Koret granted $1 million to Cal global campus in Richmond? Did they get their internal differences resolved?

Koret grant signals collaboration with UCSF on Berkeley Global Campus


Different Perspective on the UC Davis Chancellor
All that flip flop reversal of one opinion does is cause more not so wonderful speculation happen-- just what was said, promised, in that phone call:

Also see:Commentary: We Need a Realistic Plan for Student Housing
"The problem is simple: Davis has a housing vacancy rate of around 0.2%. UC Davis is under a legislative mandate to increase enrollment over the next few years. Bob Segar from the university has said on multiple occasions that UC Davis will not be adding enough housing to accommodate the increased enrollment.

The solution is complicated.

There is a temptation by some to demand that the university not add enrollment without accommodating them with housing. However, giving students access to a UC Davis and a UC education is not something we should be playing land-use politics with. Whatever inconvenience additional students might cause us from a planning and land use perspective pales in comparison to the value that those students and, indeed, our society gains from having more students with a high quality education.

UC Davis does not really answer to anyone. The legislature might hold the purse strings, but most are not going to care whether they inconvenience communities with demands for additional student housing..."
This next is the brainchild of UMich alum, so another kind of new 'Michigan model' maybe. First see this archive from NY Times:

Then, see this exciting new news:

"An Accredited, High-Quality MBA Degree That Costs Next To Nothing"

"University of the People's president's council is chaired by NYU president emeritus John Sexton and includes Oxford vice-chancellor emeritus Sir Colin Lucas, former US under secretary of education Martha Kanter, UC Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks and Nobel laureate Torsten Wiesel"
-How does the Public Higher Ed "volunteers" time/work?
--How does it compare with what Haas pumps out?
Isn't there a move at Berkeley to increase even more fees at the professional schools in order to...

The Clinton Global Initiative and relationships with NYU Abu Dhab
i comes up in multiple pieces... Maybe the Clinton's will discuss this too when some of the Clintons visit UC Berkeley on April 1-3.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cal "Faculty Investigators", Questions about Case Management

See:Cal under fire for arbitrary discipline in sex harassment cases


"The erratic nature of the multiheaded disciplinary system is evident in the case of former astronomy Professor Geoffrey Marcy, who was investigated for harassment last year.

After six months, the harassment prevention office concluded in June that Marcy — a famous planet hunter earning $217,600 a year and considered a contender for the Nobel Prize — had violated the harassment policy after evidence suggested he had groped female students from 2001 to 2010.

Under campus procedure for tenured professors, the report on Marcy went to the vice provost for faculty, Holmes said.

Typically, that office appoints one or two faculty investigators to determine whether a professor has violated the Faculty Code of Conduct, Holmes said. Campus lawyers also get involved to guide the investigators, who do the work on top of their daily obligations. Different faculty investigators are chosen for each case. The process is often delayed when investigators quit or are simply too busy to give the matter their full attention, said Holmes.
Only a warning

Yet his case was not sent to the tenure committee. Instead, campus officials merely warned Marcy that he could be fired if he harassed anyone again.

The tenure committee’s evaluation “is a long and lengthy process, and it is uncertain what the outcome will be,” Holmes said. So campus officials “made this decision to (warn Marcy) and not send it to Privilege and Tenure, thinking it would be more expeditious.”

Asked why Marcy wasn’t referred to the committee as well as warned, Holmes sighed. “I don’t know,” she said. “The campus can and wants to do better. But change takes time. These are deep, cultural issues.”"

"being mentioned in the context of the Katehi controversy perhaps got Fox thinking."

See. Another Univ. of California Leader Quits Another For-Profit College Board

"Late on Friday, controversial for-profit college company Bridgepoint Education reported in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that Marye Anne Fox, Chancellor Emerita and current Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, San Diego, had resigned from the company’s board of directors on Thursday, “effective immediately.” Bridgepoint’s filing says, “Dr. Fox’s decision to resign from the Board was for personal reasons not related to any disagreement with the Company relating to the Company’s operations, policies or practices.”

If so, the timing was bad."

Nepotism by UCD Chancellor?
This is now floating around:a letter purportedly from staff about Katehi and claims of nepotism and other memos on just seems to go on and on.

See KQED Newsroom on: UC Berkeley Sexual Harassment
This week, California Golden Bears assistant men's basketball coach Yann Hufnagel was fired amid allegations of sexual harassment. His is the latest in a series of harassment cases involving UC Berkeley faculty and employees. Thuy Vu sits down with KQED reporter Sara Hossaini, who has been closely following the story.


There has got to be a better way...
This is ridiculous state of affairs on fin aid:
Tangled process of applying for financial aid deepens college affordability crisis

"We’re going through an eight-college-campus experiment"

See this Newsweek story where that quote and an agenda item for next week's UC Regents Meeting and a mention of future influx of funds is discussed. Who would those funds go to?.

UC Berkeley Journalism School has been studying and covering as well

And an update on that UC Merced tragic event is also popping up as a headline.

Does the timing on publishing such stories help the UC mission?

Friday, March 18, 2016

UPDATE: Napolitano and Dirks new comments on :"Choudhry said the online vote was used in at least two other cases -- his own appointment and that of former UC President Mark Yudof. It was not clear whether Steele knew Choudhry was under investigation when he sought the law school appointment. Steele declined a request for an interview, as did Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks."

UPDATE:UC Berkeley chancellor defends provost under fire in sexual harassment case

Daily Cal:
UC officials defend Claude Steele’s appointment to law school faculty amid controversy

And this statement

Dear Colleagues:

Recent developments have roused concerns and questions regarding how incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence are addressed at UC. I want to take this opportunity to reinforce some important points and share with you additional measures I am instituting to address these issues.

Let me be clear: each and every one of you has the right to come to UC to learn and work in an environment free of sexual harassment and sexual violence, and to be part of an institution that deals with any substantiated reports of sexual harassment or violence firmly, fairly, and promptly.

Ensuring that UC is a safe environment is a top priority both for the University, and to me personally. In 2014, I formed the 29-member President’s Task Force on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault, which has spent the last two years instituting systemwide improvements to strengthen our processes and increase transparency and consistency across the system. These improvements have included mandatory education and training for students, administrators, faculty, and staff; confidential support for survivors; resources for people reporting sexual violence and those responding to allegations; and standardized procedures for investigating, adjudicating, and imposing sanctions in cases involving students.

In cases involving faculty, I appointed a joint committee of the UC administration and the Academic Senate, with student representation, to review our current procedures and provide recommendations to me by April 4. Once that work is complete, we will then focus on reviewing our process for handling cases involving staff beginning in April.

But recent developments have demonstrated that we must take immediate steps to further shore up our efforts. Last week, I established a new Systemwide Peer Review Committee that will review and approve all proposed sanctions for any senior university leader found to have violated our UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment. Senior leaders include, but are not limited to, chancellors, associate and assistant chancellors, provosts and vice provosts, deans, coaches and athletic directors.

After consulting with the chancellors, I have appointed the following individuals to serve on the Systemwide Peer Review Committee:

Co-Chair Sheryl Vacca, UC Chief Compliance and Audit Officer and Chair of the President’s Task Force on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence (UC Office of the President)
Co-Chair Allison Woodall, Deputy General Counsel (UC Office of the President)
Ramona Agrela, Associate Chancellor, Chief Human Resources (UC Irvine)
Brian Alldredge, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy (UCSF)
Ken Baerenklau, Associate Provost, Associate Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy (UC Riverside)
Gregg Camfield, Vice Provost for the Faculty, Professor of Literature and Culture (UC Merced)
Fiona Doyle, Dean of Graduate Division, Professor of Mineral Engineering (UC Berkeley)
Julie Freischlag, Vice Chancellor of Human Health Sciences, Dean of School of Medicine (UC Davis)
Margaret Klawunn, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs (UC Santa Barbara)
Sarah Latham, Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Services (UC Santa Cruz)
JoAnn Trejo, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs in Health Sciences, Professor of Pharmacology (UC San Diego)
Patricia Turner, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Education (UCLA)
In addition, I have directed the chancellors to ensure that all senior leaders take the university’s mandatory sexual harassment training by March 25 to guarantee full understanding of UC’s policy and procedures.

We must, and we will, do a better job of investigating all claims of sexual harassment or sexual violence thoroughly and fairly. And when claims are substantiated, we must hold people accountable and impose sanctions that appropriately reflect the seriousness of these cases.

Yours very truly,

Janet Napolitano, President


It is like how TV talent competition shows do their voting, or something...

See LA Times coverage for more wrinkles: UC Berkeley's provost faces calls to resign over his handling of sexual harassment at the law school

Davis Vanguard on the rising count calling for Katehi's to go and gets into CA Leg oversight history in coverage and the very interesting reader comments at:
Pressure Mounts on Katehi, UC Regents As Three More Call For Resignation

Not much hope for: Activists urge UC Berkeley to protect low-income people from gentrification


Dirks also in this forty minute talk with Cal alumni and parents, mostly every answer was spun into requests for donations, advocacy for more funding for UC.

Do you want them playing UC PATH moves with your vote?
Higher Ed can barely, maybe handle? it's own campus business systems- should it be in the middle of the voting process in US elections?
Capturing the College Vote: Law Students' Bill to Register for Classes and Voting | California Magazine - Cal Alumni Association

Thursday, March 17, 2016

More Calls For Katehi To Go

How long is OP going to let this churn?

(In other years 116,047 regular folks called for her to resign in just one petition alone, there were several other petitions asking for the same as well at that time so the cumulative number even higher, it is building on an unfortunate existing impression held etc.)

Another worrying aspect: Even after pols met with her they say they found responses unacceptable...

Now Sacramento reaching the same conclusions:
Two more state lawmakers want UC Davis chancellor to leave

Assemblymen Luis Alejo and Jim Cooper said chancellor faced ‘clear conflict of interest’

Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi no longer serves on boards in question

Alejo met with Katehi, found explanations ‘unsatisfactory and disappointing’

Read more here:

Archiving IX - at UC Berkeley, and an update

See "Berkeley's History of Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, and Institutional Betrayal"

Huffington Post:

New Website Sheds Light On UC Berkeley’s History Of Sexual Harassment Problems
One sexual assault survivor wants her alma mater to own up to its disappointing record.


"The news that the campus again attempted to sweep a sexual harassment case under the rug is not as surprising as it should be — in fact, it follows a pattern to which UC Berkeley students have grown accustomed. "

“As a Berkeley faculty member for more than 40 years, I have seen this cycle play out many times,” she wrote. “A few cases arise that are so shocking that they receive media attention; administrators rise to the occasion, ‘punishing’ a few of the worst malefactors and declaring that they have solved the problem; soon other matters more worthy of their, and the public’s, attention replace this one, and the ‘sexual harassment’ problem vanishes from sight, until a few years later equally notorious cases come to light.”


See also,:

"This was a flirtation that never went anywhere – Yann expressed interest in someone who was not a Berkeley student or employee. He never touched her. He is being made an example of because of Berkeley’s response to high-level faculty who groped and assaulted Berkeley students and employees. We are confident that he will be vindicated."

"Hufnagel's tweet read, in part: "These last two days have been gut-wrenching. Being ripped away from a team that I love deeply has been, in a word, unbearable. I take these allegations incredibly seriously, but the report is wrong. The outpouring of support has been unwavering and heartfelt. I have hired legal counsel to fight Cal's plan to terminate me.""

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

But, Is The California Master Plan Built For Californians?

This UK THE piece:The California Master Plan: exemplar of a modern higher education sector
The University of California System remains a model blueprint despite Berkeley’s travails, and one the UK would do well to copy, says Alan Ryan,emeritus professor of political theory at the University of Oxford and was William H. Bonsall professor of philosophy at Stanford University in 2014-15.

Plan to cap UC nonresident students hits early opposition

Bill would have capped out-of-state, international students at current level

Falls one vote short in first committee amid push for more flexibility for UC

Proposal will return in coming weeks with exception for budget crisis

Read more here:

You can read it here:

Dirks, Steele comments on Sex Harrassment Cases at UC Berkeley

His statement and video address here:

YouTube 2 minute video address here:

UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks also sent this email message to the campus community yesterday:

Dear Campus Community,

Several high profile sexual harassment cases here at UC Berkeley have raised deep and understandable concerns about how the campus and its leadership manages these cases and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring a safe community for all of our students, staff and faculty. In particular, we acknowledge that some recent decisions in cases of sexual misconduct have exacerbated these concerns, and we profoundly regret any and all errors of judgment on our part. We are now taking decisive steps to implement more appropriate and effective ways to rid our campus of sexual harassment.

The recent events at UC Berkeley and elsewhere have pointed to the need for serious reform, both on the Berkeley campus and across the system. Thus we support last week’s actions by President Janet Napolitano to pursue this reform on all 10 UC campuses. The president is immediately instituting a system-wide peer review of all sanctions imposed on senior university leaders who violate the university’s sexual assault and sexual harassment policy. This panel will set sanctions for sexual assault and sexual harassment cases, up to and including removal from an administrative position and recommendation that a case be referred to the appropriate Academic Senate committee for proceedings to terminate a faculty appointment. We regard this as a welcome step. It will ensure that remedies and penalties are applied firmly and consistently.

We are in the process of developing a similar peer review system on our own campus that will provide advice to administrators whenever they exercise discretion in disciplinary processes for faculty and staff who violate our sexual harassment policy. In disciplinary processes under the Faculty Code of Conduct, the administration would seek the advice of a review panel before deciding upon what disciplinary measures to recommend to the Committee on Privilege and Tenure. In the days ahead we will be formulating this peer review system in concert with campus leaders in this area, with Academic Senate leadership, and with President Napolitano. We will implement it as soon as possible.

Working with other campus leaders and colleagues we will invite experts in this area from around the country to help us develop immediate and actionable improvements both in our climate — the sense of safety and inclusion on campus — and in our practices. We have a responsibility to protect the integrity of our learning and working environment. We have made a personal commitment to work with all of you to see that critical and urgent reforms are put in place that will change our culture as well as our behavior, and thus genuinely ensure the safety of our environment. We will be sharing more information in the days ahead.


Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Claude Steele

No shortage of hot topics in advance of next week's UC Regents Meeting...

Remaking the University: Decline and Fall of Shared Governance at UC

Hardly any mention of this proposed Leg.see this:
The notion that nonresident students help increase access for California students – the math just doesn’t add up,” McCarty told the Assembly Higher Education Committee on Tuesday.
But Asm. Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara) said the UC has no choice but to accept more out-of-state students because they pay higher tuition.


Professors Brown and Langan comment in this Guardian piece:

UC Berkeley investigates 26 more cases of sexual misconduct amid scandal
A wave of dismissals prompted complaints of a ‘cover-up’ from faculty who are criticizing administrators for failing to take swift, meaningful disciplinary action


Academic Workers Call on Napolitano and UC Regents to Fire Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi

Cal harassment scandal: Head coach knew about problems with assistant

Volokh on
University of California Board of Regents is wrong about ‘anti-Zionism’ on campus

How is it any different than UC presidents turning themselves into Berkeley Faculty?

See:Provost Claude Steele recuses himself from Berkeley Law interim dean selection
(What does Trump's rise in GOP tell us about what the current Dem. party is today?
Does it show that the Dems also are no longer really just Dems anymore, either?)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tenure Coming Up As Tool in UC Sex Harrassment Cases-disparities in handling, treatment etc

See: the asst b-ball coach story is raising questions about disparities in handling cases due to tenure protections.
First, the report from Cal has now been published
See SJ Merc:

Fired UC Berkeley coach admits propositioning reporter for sex, trying to 'trick' her into going into his apartment

"This administration is a mess."


Napolitano shouldn’t have to clean up Dirks’ mess
CAMPUS ISSUES: Lackluster responses to sexual harassment issues by UC Berkeley officials embarrassingly require UC President to repair damage.
A UC Berkeley GSPP Faculty member writes:
Academic misogyny: enabling at high levels

UC Berkeley has history of tolerating sexual harassment


audio and transcript of Napolitano AP interview
After Latest Berkeley Scandals, UC Chief Orders Tougher Action on Sexual Harassment

Berkeley’s budget challenge: reduce, rethink, restructure

and video of leadership roundtable at sibley meeting Dirks, Steele, Szeri, and CFO panelists on Berkeley budget, operations, more.



Monday, March 14, 2016

Dear Nick, Dear Chancellors - the letters from Napolitano and play by play

Via this story at WaPo, not local press- scroll toward end of story to view the letters on scribd:
Napolitano mentions in her letter to Dirks that she found out via media...see here in:
"Berkeley moves to fire assistant basketball coach after sexual harassment complaint"

Also some coverage at

See SF Chron Op Ed: Cal faces another harassment scandal

"The news of Fleming's termination lead UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof to say in a statement Monday that mistakes had been made in the handling of both cases – and he hinted prior to the news of Hufnagel's termination that there was more disciplinary actions to come".

See:In latest case, UC Berkeley ousts assistant basketball coach accused of sexual harassment



Includes this tweet:
"Right now, the only focus should be on our basketball team! My time to exonerate myself of a fruitless claim by a reporter will come."

And this:
"UC Berkeley released a statement via its communications department at around 12:15 Monday. It reads":

California’s head men’s basketball coach, Cuonzo Martin, has initiated termination proceedings under University of California policy against assistant coach, Yann Hufnagel, Cal’s Intercollegiate Athletics Department announced today. Effective immediately, Hufnagel has been relieved of his duties pending the outcome of the termination process and will not be traveling with the team during its NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament run. The actions follow a finding, issued today by UC Berkeley’s Office of the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD) that Hufnagel violated the University’s sexual harassment policy. Note: The university will distribute a redacted version of the investigative report later today, once the complainant has been provided with a copy and has an opportunity to review the findings.

"UPDATE 2:45 p.m.: The university will not be releasing a redacted version of the OPHD report today, according to a statement just released. It reads":

After careful consideration, the university will not be releasing a redacted version of the Hufnagel investigative report to the media today. The recently completed report was shared for the first time with the complainant this afternoon, who has asked that we delay release so that she has time to read its contents. At the same time, the complainant understands that under the California Public Records Act, a redacted version of the report is a public document and that the University will be releasing it in the near future.

The issue of how the campus communicates when investigations substantiate allegations of misconduct is among the issues that are being reviewed right now as part of a broader review to prevent and sanction misconduct,” Mogulof said.

Mogulof could not comment on whether the campus community can expect more OPHD investigations to be released, citing confidentiality concerns.
Mogulof has previously said that the campus is currently handling 17 sexual harassment investigations.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

UC Chancellors Destroying The Arguments For UC Funding From Sacramento?! And, -inconsistent statements from some desperate UC Davis administrators


There will likely be more of this sentiment - and real concerns expressed asking 'Is this the way they (Dirks, Steele) learned to deal with such issues at Columbia? (They both came to Berkeley from Columbia)...'

Editorial: Cal Chancellor Nicholas Dirks has lost credibility
Meanwhile, only after Choudhry stepped down Thursday did Dirks and Steele suggest they erred. But even that fell short.

They acknowledged "that the initial decision not to remove the dean from his position is the subject of legitimate criticism." What bureaucratic gibberish. The decision wasn't just the subject of legitimate criticism, it was wrong. Until Dirks and Steele can admit that, their credibility is shot.

They added, "We must move in the direction of stronger sanctions, and in doing this we want and need the broad input of the campus community." Move in the direction of? They should already be there. Need broad campus community input? After the outrage about past sexual abuses on campus, they still needed more input before doing the right thing? Really? This is the leadership at what is supposed to be a pre-eminent public university?

If Dirks and Steele can't do better, they should step down, too.

If you need a reminder,or are coming to it late:


UC Davis Students Stage Sit-In Demanding Chancellor Resign


Sunday Commentary: Students Should Use This Moment to Press the System for Reform


Now this next bit of news coverage from Davis Enterprise- apparently Katehi was meeting with these same UC Davis administrators at an undisclosed location at the same time these comments were sent out to the public-
It is odd that they think they are in a position to assure anyone of anything...

And, also want to first note here that the beliefs, positions they claim in their statement (below) are inconsistent with and in direct opposition to much of what has been discussed as best practices, ethics etc at various Peppa Provost Talks on Higher Ed, talks sponsored at UC Davis see:

...."late on Friday, the following statement was released by Katehi’s spokeswoman Dana Topousis, signed by Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph Hexter, five other vice chancellors and 10 deans.

“As vice chancellors and deans, we work with Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi on a daily basis. Some of us have done so for five years or longer,” the statement read. “We stand with her and support her as the uniquely visionary and caring leader she is.
“With her recent resignation from the board of DeVry, we believe she has taken full responsibility for accepting service on the board. But it is wrong to imagine that any university leader invests time in an outside entity without seeing how it can help her be a better leader of her home institution, primarily for the students who study there.

“Meanwhile, her service on the John Wiley & Sons board complied with university policy. Chancellor Katehi accepted the Wiley appointment to help improve the quality of its educational materials and to make those materials more accessible and affordable for students. She recognized an opportunity to learn about the world of academic and textbook publishing because of the costs textbooks represent for both our students and higher education institutions themselves.

“As those who work with her closely, we can assure you that Chancellor Katehi cares deeply about and works tirelessly — every day, around the clock — for the betterment of UC Davis. She has been an incredibly successful fundraiser, launched innovative new initiatives, and, during challenging budget times, kept UC Davis among the top ranks of public research universities worldwide,” the statement continued.

In the countless meetings she attends with leaders in every sector — education, business and government — she enhances the educational and intellectual development of UC Davis for its faculty and students, keeping us on the cutting edge of higher education.
“On a daily basis we watch Chancellor Katehi put the mission of UC Davis and the education of students first and foremost. We stand by her and look forward to having her leadership for many years to come.”

To most readers that statement will just read like they are trying to protect their own Katehi sponsored feathered VC nests..

And a reader's comments there notes:

"With her recent resignation from the board of DeVry, we believe she has taken full responsibility for accepting service on the board. But it is wrong to imagine that any university leader invests time in an outside entity without seeing how it can help her be a better leader of her home institution, primarily for the students who study there."

How would joining the DeVry board, a school that is under investigation for shady practices, help make Katehi a better leader of UCD?

"“She recognized an opportunity to learn about the world of academic and textbook publishing because of the costs textbooks represent for both our students and higher education institutions themselves."

Did the cost of John Wiley & Sons textbooks decrease for UCD students while Katehi has been on its board? Yet Katehi benefitted monetarily from being on John Wiley & Sons board, to the tune of over $400,000.

"“As those who work with her closely, we can assure you that Chancellor Katehi cares deeply about and works tirelessly — every day, around the clock — for the betterment of UC Davis."

If Katehi is spending time on the boards of DeVry, John Wiley & Sons, and a Saudi university KAU, how is that for the betterment of UCD? It is time taken away from furthering the interests of UCD and the UC system.

"During a meeting last week with The Sacramento Bee, Napolitano reportedly said, “There’s an advantage to having leadership of a university involved in boards of different types. It’s a way of expanding outreach. It’s a way of expanding your contacts. It’s a way of expanding our knowledge of what’s going on.”"

So now being on outside boards does not have to benefit UC or UCD in particular, it is a networking opportunity? A few days ago the reasoning from Katehi was that being on outside boards was to increase diversity on boards. Neither of these disingenous justifications hold water. The reasons for Katehi's huge missteps keeps evolving, when it is clear to everyone none of these appointments to boards furthered the interests of UCD/UC system as required by UC's own policies.

At a time when the state legislature is scrutinizing every penny spent by the UC and CA State Univ, with an eye to carefully looking at the very high administrative salaries being given out in both university systems, you would think UCD Chancellor Katehi and UC President Napolitano would not be so tone deaf to the the state legislature/governor. How can Napolitano, with any degree of credibility, keep insisting UC doesn't have enough funding, as the UCD Chancellor at a salary of over $400,000 has so much time on her hands she can manage to be on all sorts of boards, even of other universities, that do not benefit UCD? This is precisely how the UC system gets a reputation for squandering taxpayer money, and Katehi's actions have given the legislature the exact ammunition needed to justify reducing funding to the UC system."


Why didn't Napolitano set some rules on this there when she was Governor, or did Napolitano's role sitting on the board of WGU when she was Gov preclude her from doing so?:
University of Arizona's Hart unbowed by criticism over DeVry position
Some key excerpt:
“work toward assuring that higher education is available to a segment of Americans who will never be able to attend universities like the University of Arizona.”

" virtually unheard of for the sitting president of a flagship public university to do so.

“A university president serving on another university’s board is highly irregular,” Fritschler said.

“Would the president of General Motors serve on the board of Ford or Toyota?”"