Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Affiliated with...or not. And, Could that UC Regents item play into the Election?

See:The UC Regents Make A Muddle of Academic Freedom


Board of the Council of UC Faculty Associations
Regents should decline the Working Group on Principles Against Intolerance report


UC Academic Senate Concerns on Proposed Principles of Intolerance (3/21/16)

Maybe the Clinton's will discuss the State Dept policy being used as domestic Higher Ed policy and whether or not they think it appropriate when some of the Clintons visit UC Berkeley on April 1-3.

Campus likely trying to ensure they are not placed in the position of having to cross picket lines, likely needed to provide assurances:

What's next from speakers boycotts to...picket lines?, see IHE

"Stenhouse declined to say whether there would be more speaker boycotts, but if the university has its way, it won’t be an option.
When the union’s contract is up again for negotiation, Gilmore said, the university will seek to bargain for an end to the use of the tactic in the future.
“The tactic actually stifles the free exchange of ideas,” she said. “It interferes with the operation of the campus by denying the community the benefit of hearing the perspective of state, national and international leaders and scholars, and denies students the opportunity to share their stories and ideas with these leaders.”

On a related note:
Did one of the authors of: this Daily Cal op-ed grab and block a journalist's camera lens just last week when the Boalt events were breaking news... you can see video: here and decide for yourself.


Are there other 'tie in's or peripheral details to consider in this next item? For instance, there's a sex harassment allegation at Stanford perhaps to recall?? As though Cal doesn't have enough headline associations on that subject yet...

(What part of) Koret granted $1 million to Cal global campus in Richmond? Did they get their internal differences resolved?

Koret grant signals collaboration with UCSF on Berkeley Global Campus


Different Perspective on the UC Davis Chancellor
All that flip flop reversal of one opinion does is cause more not so wonderful speculation happen-- just what was said, promised, in that phone call:

Also see:Commentary: We Need a Realistic Plan for Student Housing
"The problem is simple: Davis has a housing vacancy rate of around 0.2%. UC Davis is under a legislative mandate to increase enrollment over the next few years. Bob Segar from the university has said on multiple occasions that UC Davis will not be adding enough housing to accommodate the increased enrollment.

The solution is complicated.

There is a temptation by some to demand that the university not add enrollment without accommodating them with housing. However, giving students access to a UC Davis and a UC education is not something we should be playing land-use politics with. Whatever inconvenience additional students might cause us from a planning and land use perspective pales in comparison to the value that those students and, indeed, our society gains from having more students with a high quality education.

UC Davis does not really answer to anyone. The legislature might hold the purse strings, but most are not going to care whether they inconvenience communities with demands for additional student housing..."
This next is the brainchild of UMich alum, so another kind of new 'Michigan model' maybe. First see this archive from NY Times:

Then, see this exciting new news:

"An Accredited, High-Quality MBA Degree That Costs Next To Nothing"

"University of the People's president's council is chaired by NYU president emeritus John Sexton and includes Oxford vice-chancellor emeritus Sir Colin Lucas, former US under secretary of education Martha Kanter, UC Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks and Nobel laureate Torsten Wiesel"
-How does the Public Higher Ed "volunteers" time/work?
--How does it compare with what Haas pumps out?
Isn't there a move at Berkeley to increase even more fees at the professional schools in order to...

The Clinton Global Initiative and relationships with NYU Abu Dhab
i comes up in multiple pieces... Maybe the Clinton's will discuss this too when some of the Clintons visit UC Berkeley on April 1-3.

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