Thursday, March 17, 2016

Archiving IX - at UC Berkeley, and an update

See "Berkeley's History of Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, and Institutional Betrayal"

Huffington Post:

New Website Sheds Light On UC Berkeley’s History Of Sexual Harassment Problems
One sexual assault survivor wants her alma mater to own up to its disappointing record.


"The news that the campus again attempted to sweep a sexual harassment case under the rug is not as surprising as it should be — in fact, it follows a pattern to which UC Berkeley students have grown accustomed. "

“As a Berkeley faculty member for more than 40 years, I have seen this cycle play out many times,” she wrote. “A few cases arise that are so shocking that they receive media attention; administrators rise to the occasion, ‘punishing’ a few of the worst malefactors and declaring that they have solved the problem; soon other matters more worthy of their, and the public’s, attention replace this one, and the ‘sexual harassment’ problem vanishes from sight, until a few years later equally notorious cases come to light.”


See also,:

"This was a flirtation that never went anywhere – Yann expressed interest in someone who was not a Berkeley student or employee. He never touched her. He is being made an example of because of Berkeley’s response to high-level faculty who groped and assaulted Berkeley students and employees. We are confident that he will be vindicated."

"Hufnagel's tweet read, in part: "These last two days have been gut-wrenching. Being ripped away from a team that I love deeply has been, in a word, unbearable. I take these allegations incredibly seriously, but the report is wrong. The outpouring of support has been unwavering and heartfelt. I have hired legal counsel to fight Cal's plan to terminate me.""

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