Wednesday, March 9, 2016

UPDATES: "Berkeley Law — one of the nation’s most prestigious law schools — has a history with sexual harassment allegations against its leaders."

Latest update:

They interviewed Sorrell, the campus staff employee making the allegations- HERE IT IS:

They did post this immediately available:

"Wednesday afternoon, Choudhry released a statement addressing the lawsuit:

"As many of you know, I have been named as a defendant, along with the University of California, in a lawsuit commenced by a member of our staff. While I disagree with the plaintiff’s claims and allegations, and will defend against them, I am unfortunately unable to comment on the substance of the lawsuit. However, I can say that I cooperated fully with, and take extremely seriously, the University’s confidential investigation into this matter and ensuing sanction. I will continue to cooperate fully with the University as matters unfold.

In light of the filing of this lawsuit, I will immediately begin a leave of absence as Dean of Berkeley Law, in order to ensure that this lawsuit does not become a distraction for the Law School, the University, and our community, whose interests I have always placed above all else."

Dean of campus law school takes leave of absence from position after allegations of sexual harassment arise

But they don't say if the leave is paid, not paid, w/ on campus privileges or not-- or who makes Dean's office decisions in the interim...

See Daily Cal Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law sued for sexual harassment


See also this post
According to the complaint, the harassment began shortly after Choudhry took over the position of dean. It started with “bear hugs,” then Choudhry added in kisses and that old creepy standby, massages. Th
e complaint alleges the escalation of physical intimacy began to take its toll on plaintiff:

Choudhry’s kissing and hugging plaintiff was a near daily occurrence. Choudhry’s conduct made plaintiff feel disgusted, humiliated, exposed and dirty. She wondered what she had done to make him think it was o.k. for him to touch her.

The complaint also alleges Choudhry made efforts to increase his physical contact with Sorrell:

Choudhry’s hugging and kissing Plaintiff quickly escalated to a near daily occurrence. At times, it occurred multiple times per day. At the same time, the hugs became tighter and more lingering and the kissing more intimate in that over time Choudhry’s kisses began to land closer and closer to Plaintiff’s lips. Choudhry also began kissing Plaintiff on the forehead.

And the full docs
UC Berkeley under fire -- again -- for response to sexual harassment allegations

Includes: "The lawsuit filed Tuesday against Choudhry and the University of California regents comes just months after UC Berkeley came under fire for letting off a famous astronomer, Geoff Marcy, with a warning after he was found to have sexually harassed students over nearly a decade. The Marcy case prompted the University of California system to review its tenure policies, including its statute of limitations; recommendations are expected in April.

Marcy resigned amid a national outcry; the majority of his colleagues wrote a letter calling for his departure.

In the lawsuit, Sorrell -- now on leave -- alleges two of the school's top managers did nothing to address the problem after she complained of the harassment, despite promising to do so. Both told her that they, too, had experienced unwanted touching by the dean, she said."


WaPo: Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law sued for sexual harassment

Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law sued for sexual harassment
He's got a McGill, Toronto ,NYU, Harvard background, some of it noted here at KTVU


And this has more, including this assessment:
UC Berkeley Law School Dean Who Admitted to Sexually Harassing Female Employees Is Being Sued

"Instead of firing Choudhry, UC Berkeley reduced his pay by 10 percent and required him to write a letter of apology to Sorrell. In her suit, Sorrell alleges that she was told by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Claude Steele that the office decided against firing Choudhry because “it would ruin the Dean’s career.” In 2014, Choudhry’s total pay was $472,917. Apparently it costs roughly $47,000 to sexually harass female employees."

Now, a sad irony:
On the same day the above news broke the home page has the not so inspiring photo of the Boalt-Berkeley Law bldg complex splashed across the page and they highlight: this story on Berkeley Law- but a real question it raises:
Does that outfit, or other similar Boalt affiliations, provide help to low wage UC staff in cases such as the one detailed in the links above? Or, not?

To perhaps battle a group of Berkeley Law Faculty who no doubt close ranks when one of 'their own' is accused?
That would be a pretty lopsided, 'tipped scale' battle...

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