Friday, March 4, 2016

Calling for Resignation. The Size of UC Hands...

Sac Bee: Sacramento assemblyman wants UC Davis chancellor to resign

Publishers are gouging students for the cost of textbooks,” McCarty said. “The optics of this are horrible. I’ve lost my confidence in Ms. Katehi and I think this warrants calling for her resignation.”
McCarty is the chairman of the Assembly budget subcommittee overseeing education finance. He said he had an hour-long meeting with Katehi in his office Thursday to discuss the DeVry appointment and he wasn’t satisfied with her justification for taking the seat. He would not reveal what Katehi said, but he called some of her reasons “weird” and said others “didn’t make sense.”

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And this longer article 

Katehi’s ‘outside professional activities’ come under scrutiny

Joshua Clover, UCD professor of English and comparative literature — and a chief critic of Katehi’s during the 2011 pepper-spray and Occupy controversies — does not view the decision positively.
“In many ways Linda Katehi’s decision to join the DeVry board echoes with her career, which has had little to do with a public educational mission and everything to do with being part of a corporate elite from whom she draws her grasp of reality and ethical sense,” he said. Thursday.
‘Outside professional activities’
UCOP’s 10-page policy document on “outside professional activities” for members of its senior management group — which includes Katehi — does not give a clear answer on whether Katehi’s involvement with a for-profit college is a conflict of interest.
“The responsibility of determining and disclosing whether an actual or apparent conflict of interest … reasonably may occur rests with the individual (senior management group) member and then with his/her approving authority,” the policy states.


During Thursday’s budget subcommittee meeting, Block said, “I’ve asked the folks who appeared before us today (from and UC and CSU) to get information to us about how many boards their chief executives sit on, how much they are paid, how much time they spend outside of campus.”
Block asked for the information by April 1 and expects to have it by then or earlier.

And video here, UC discussed at the 3:02:45 mark and UC compensation practices and Katehi come up specifically at the 3:35:00 mark

UC Berkeley Reclassifies Master's Degrees As 'Professional' And Bumps Tuition

There's Napolitano, who made a point not to say it in the Eastbay:

UC president Janet Napolitano defends tuition policy during Marin talk

"I think in terms of affordability California has done a very good job of keeping the university affordable and accessible," Napolitano said Wednesday night in Mill Valley. "That is a hard story to get the media to report on."
About 70 people turned out to hear Napolitano, the former secretary of Homeland Security and governor of Arizona, address a range of topics including Apple's privacy dispute with the federal government, battles over university funding, sexual assaults on college campuses, "microaggressions" and her endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Yep, Birgeneau fittingly comes up in-between tuition hikes at UC and free speech concerns:
Letters the editor: Former UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau makes an eloquent case for why we need free college tuition in his defense of the existing system that he called “return to aid.” ("Why does Bernie Sanders want to increase income inequality?" Opinion, Feb. 29)

The Glaring Evidence That Free Speech Is Threatened on Campus

Birgeneau's  'Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy' writes:

Why the Critics of Bernienomics Are Wrong

Not a day goes by, it seems, without the mainstream media bashing Bernie Sanders's economic plan -- quoting certain economists as saying his numbers don't add up. (The New York Times did it again just recently.) They're wrong. You need to know the truth, and spread it.

This gets into multiple items, silicon valley etc w/ president of the UC regents
Jerry Brown Yahoo interview:



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