Saturday, March 5, 2016

“Chancellor Katehi’s paid positions with private, for-profit corporations raise important questions about UC’s conflict of interest and outside employment policies,” he said in a statement. “This information is particularly concerning in light of the positive strides that the state has made to increase funding for the system.”

There are unfortunate reminders on top of unfortunate reminders of the compensation scandals over the last decade, in this from Sac Bee, which also reminds us :

"Katehi arrived at UC Davis in 2009 under a cloud"

LA Times:

"McCarty, however, was not mollified by Katehi's apology or her decision to donate her Wiley proceeds to a scholarship fund.
"This just adds insult to injury," he said. "She gets caught, and now she's remorseful and is trying to pay off students with this fund. It seems too little, too late."

But, in addition to tuition hikes and cost of books  being highlighted, note

The May revise  budgeting for UC talks happen around this time and now the optics on UC are not great as these compensation revelations roll out.

And, UC Regents compensation committee members: statements- mostly at July UC Regents meetings over the last two years- statements they made of their concerns about 'UC Chancellors low pay' to support their committee votes for Chancellor raises now come under srutiny

And most importantly, UC Davis students recently pointed out their concerns about basic needs for safety at UCD not being met.

So, the appearance of distracted leadership can cause additional concerns, problems for UC  related to all that as well. See:


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