Saturday, March 12, 2016

"Former UC Berkeley vice chancellor for research Graham Fleming, who resigned last year amid sexual harassment allegations, was terminated Friday from his role as a Berkeley Global Campus ambassador."

See Daily Cal: Graham Fleming Fired From Role as Berkeley Global Campus Ambassador


San Francisco Chronicle- Market and Ross:
UC Bigwig, Bounced in Sex-Harass Scandal, Is Pulled From New Job

"former UC Berkeley vice chancellor who was forced from his job last year following a sex harassment scandal — but kept on by Chancellor Nicholas Dirks to serve as an international ambassador for the school’s planned Global Campus in Richmond — has been ordered removed from his new job by University of California President Janet Napolitano."

Mogulof said Fleming is being paid a $20,000 stipend for his work while on sabbatical — on top of the annual $276,500 salary he continues to collect as a tenured chemistry professor.

"The university has also been covering Fleming’s expenses for his travel in Europe and Asia. Mogulof could not immediately say where Fleming was traveling as he tries to recruit researchers to team up with UC at the planned satellite campus in Richmond, or how much his trips were costing."

--If there has been ongoing efforts to resolve Title IX issues systemwide, how could there be such a different response between Dirks reaction and efforts as compared w/ Napolitano 's:

"Napolitano shot off a letter to Dirks telling him, “I expect you to immediately remove Professor Fleming from any administrative position that he holds.”

Mogulof, in response, told us that Napolitano’s “expectations are consistent with the chancellor’s assessment of what needs to happen” — particularly in light of the school’s latest sex harassment scandal, involving UC Berkeley Law School Dean"...
"2014, Leite filed a complaint with Napolitano about harassment that she said she had endured from Fleming before she was fired. The UC president’s office concluded that Fleming had “more likely than not” violated the university’s antiharassment policies."

LA Times:
"Multiple Sex Harassment Cases Against UC Faculty Prompt New Review Process"

"Napolitano announced that a new systemwide committee would review and approve all proposed sanctions against senior leaders who violated UC sexual assault and harassment policies. She also ordered that all leaders -- chancellors, provosts, vice chancellors, vice provosts and deans -- complete sexual assault and harassment training by March 25.

A joint committee of administrators and academics is currently reviewing sexual misconduct policies involving faculty, with its report due next month. But Napolitano said the recent cases made clear that more immediate steps were needed.

In a separate letter, Napolitano directed Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks to bar Choudhry from campus for the rest of the term and institute disciplinary proceedings against him through the Academic Senate, which could result in suspension or dismissal. Napolitano also told Dirks that UC does not intend to defend Choudhry against Sorrell’s claims in court."

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