Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's not up to them?

There's a treatment of Katehi's errors as flubs-- but she is not a newbie. She is a Chancellor seven years into the job and she has been involved in some huge, 'expensive for UC to handle' screw ups year over year...
The three chairs of three key CA Leg. Higher Ed and 'Higher Ed funding for UC' related committees want in depth reviews of the issue - and legislative corrections.

Some other regional figures want to step in to say they're cool with it...

Sac Bee Op Ed asks:
Association may have worked for DeVry and Katehi, but what was in it for UC and Californians?

Napolitano is placed in the 'united front role for appearances sake' as defense pose - even as it makes UCOP appear horribly flat footed on basic oversight of UC.

As though UCOP didn't learn the difficult, even painful lessons from compensation scandals that rocked UC during the Dynes years and at other times etc.
Such oversight of UC rules on outside consulting compensation etc flows down the ranks at UC-- Deans are responsible for monitoring it within their respective Academic Dept's. Annual reporting is required systemwide, the UC Academic Senate efforts to make appearances that they have shared stewardship that they take seriously on it, UC Davis even had a profit sharing scandal recently, so 'the example being set at the top' looks very bad...

Also See:

Arizona now looking into it with their higher Ed:

"UA's Hart accepts post with school FTC is suing"

"But in an era when the for-profit education industry in general is under a cloud, it’s not unusual for public university presidents who join forces “to be criticized for making a deal with the devil,” he said. “It’s not like joining the board of a charitable foundation. This is a sector that many people look at the same way as the pharmaceutical industry or big oil.”

Ideally, outsiders like Hart can function as “the conscience of the institution,” Kinser said.

“On the other hand, getting six figures for doing it may suggest some compromises to independence.”"


A Sacto biz leader doesn't make any distinction between the types of businesses (textbooks, for profit online instruction) nor public (UC) as something with a distinctly different mission from private (Stanford, MIT,,etc) higher ed:

"Katehi under fire from Capitol"

"Also showing support for Katehi is Barry Broome, president and CEO of the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council.

In a statement issued Friday Broome said, “Chancellor Katehi has been and continues to be a dedicated leader and a valuable partner within the Greater Sacramento community. It’s common practice for university presidents to serve on corporate boards. I’m surprised that something so prevalent among university leadership has generated this reaction.”

After pointing to Katehi’s successes as chancellor — including UCD becoming the “first California university with two schools rated number one in the country (College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and School of Veterinary Medicine) — Broome said, “The President of MIT serves on the board of Alcoa. The President of Harvard serves on the board of Staples. The President of Stanford serves on the board of Cisco Systems. Chancellor Katehi has conducted herself with the highest integrity. And I bet Silicon Valley policymakers aren’t calling for the resignation of President Hennessy because he serves on the board of Cisco Systems.”"

Davis Vanguard op-ed :
Will Katehi Survive Latest Controversies, Call by Assemblymember to Resign?
LBNL comes up in this :

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