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Napolitano 's Status On The UC Status Of Staff, Women Is In Question? and other things...

The recipe for baking impression that Anita Hill's former counsel is now part of that group in a 'war on women' -- how does that logic flow?

If you combine
1-All of IX cases occurring under the Napolitano OP at the helm, particularly at the campus where she also arranged her faculty appointment,

At UC Berkeley, promises of a crackdown on sexual misconduct are met with skepticism by students

Mercury News editorial: Sexual harassment awareness test flunked by Cal Athletic Department
Includes: "Martin says at first the victim didn't make clear that she was being sexually harassed. She says she did. The university is investigating, but the athletics department isn't waiting for that.

Wes Mallette, Cal athletics spokesman, undermined any facade of neutrality by insisting that Martin had followed proper procedures. Athletic Director Mike Williams doubled down: "To dispel any doubts about Coach Martin's role, the University will be initiating a review of all of the documents and communications related to his actions. We firmly believe the results will support our confidence in Coach Martin."

In other words, they've declared that they don't believe the victim. It's outrageous.

This comes after the cases of astronomer Geoff Marcy, who subjected students to unwanted groping and kissing, and law school dean Sujit Choudhry, who couldn't keep his hands off his executive assistant. In both cases, investigations were buried and the men were given wrist slaps -- until word leaked out.

Marcy resigned. Choudhry resigned as dean and kept his teaching position, but system-wide University of California President Janet Napolitano ordered him removed from campus while Cal initiates disciplinary proceedings.

Next we learned about Hufnagel. An investigation concluded that the assistant coach repeatedly propositioned a reporter covering the team, sending explicit text messages and trapping her in his apartment garage to, in his words, "trick her" into going up to his place for sex.

His attorney, Mary McNamara, dismisses it as a "flirtation that never went anywhere" and notes, "he never touched her." No one claimed he did. Sexual harassment is not just touching. It's about unwelcome advances, intimidation and misuse of power. Hufnagel controlled information the reporter needed to do her job."

Berkeley Vows to Improve Response to Sex Harassment

2- add in the vote on UC Pension reform this week and her coded language around promises of salary increases for certain 'critical staff'

"When it came to approving the new tier of the pension plan by the full board, Regent John Pérez voted no as did the Alumni Regent Rodney Davis and Student Regent Avi Oved. Pérez’s objections – see yesterday’s post – involved both the staff vs. faculty divergence and the offering of the DC-only option, opposed by the unions and objected to by the Assembly Speaker and the state Senate President. Pérez raised the issue of the gender composition difference between faculty vs. staff among those above the PEPRA cap, notably nurses and the effect of offering the DC-only option on the unfunded liability."

3- and recall the many years of UC practices of glass ceilings for majority female staff at the AA III level etc which used to be openly discussed and white papers and resources shared a very long time ago, like this and that report. SLOW STEPS TO CHANGE 1971- 2004 A HISTORY OF THE UCSF CHANCELLOR'S ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN AND STRATEGIES FOR - University of California, San Francisco
-but now just handled generically, non specifically with lots of generalities,

And, Napolitano's failure to talk about how she is -or might be- aware, not just in terms of national policy, but of the UC history of those issues At UC Specifically...

And there you are-- that's how you map to that conclusion, or those sentiments among staff being developed and expressed in public comments at this week's UC Regents Meeting by staff.


Read: Is the pension story over?

Multiple tactics to delay or stop that new policy outlined, it starts off with:

"Letters were received from the speaker of the state assembly and the president of the state senate in opposition. Regent John Pérez - the former speaker of the assembly - noted that in the PEPRA negotiations, a DC option was explicitly rejected by the then-leaders of the legislature. It was repeatedly noted that the DC-only option was not part of the Committee of Two deal with the governor. So receipt of the money attached to that deal is not contingent on having a DC-only option."

You can also read synopsis of the UC Regents Sessions in these posts there:

Napolitano just penned this:
Investing in Dreams at the University of California

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