Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No Comments From UC Regents On Audit Findings? and...So many questions...

The compensation costs for UC PATH Project...where do they figure in? ...
No comments from the President of the UC Regents on the audit findings?
The ex officio Regents who were absent from the March UC Regents Meeting also have not commented yet on the audit findings?
Lots of great infographs in:

Audit accuses University of California of favoring out-of-state students


UC audit: Napolitano must not dismiss accurate critique

"Howle has won a national reputation as a strong watchdog — not as a headline hunter. That’s why it was troubling to see University of California President Janet Napolitano dismiss Howle’s 116-page audit criticizing how UC has responded to budget problems over the past decade.

The analysis makes a persuasive case that UC officials pushed through big hikes in tuition and student fees without first making a good-faith effort to contain costs."
"The audit was requested a year ago by Assemblymember Mike Gipson. On Tuesday, Assemblymember Gipson posted on Facebook, “I’m thrilled that I did it. But I’m embarrassed and upset this audit has revealed this tremendous disparity between residents and nonresidents.”

He added, “It’s a form of discrimination against California students that UC would accept a lower standard for nonresidents, but maintain a higher one for Californians.”

“My reaction is utter disgust,” he said. “I’m going to use a harsh word, and the word is discrimination. We are disenfranchising California students.”"

and then,

"UC Davis was among those who “increased their individual campus enrollment targets for nonresidents at a faster rate than their targets for residents. These two procedural changes satisfied the university’s goal: In fiscal year 2014–15 the university generated $728 million from the supplemental tuition that nonresidents paid—a growth of $403 million, or 124 percent, from fiscal year 2010–11.”"


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