Wednesday, March 16, 2016

No shortage of hot topics in advance of next week's UC Regents Meeting...

Remaking the University: Decline and Fall of Shared Governance at UC

Hardly any mention of this proposed Leg.see this:
The notion that nonresident students help increase access for California students – the math just doesn’t add up,” McCarty told the Assembly Higher Education Committee on Tuesday.
But Asm. Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara) said the UC has no choice but to accept more out-of-state students because they pay higher tuition.


Professors Brown and Langan comment in this Guardian piece:

UC Berkeley investigates 26 more cases of sexual misconduct amid scandal
A wave of dismissals prompted complaints of a ‘cover-up’ from faculty who are criticizing administrators for failing to take swift, meaningful disciplinary action


Academic Workers Call on Napolitano and UC Regents to Fire Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi

Cal harassment scandal: Head coach knew about problems with assistant

Volokh on
University of California Board of Regents is wrong about ‘anti-Zionism’ on campus

How is it any different than UC presidents turning themselves into Berkeley Faculty?

See:Provost Claude Steele recuses himself from Berkeley Law interim dean selection
(What does Trump's rise in GOP tell us about what the current Dem. party is today?
Does it show that the Dems also are no longer really just Dems anymore, either?)

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