Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Scrambled Higher Ed, Scrambled Elections

Does HRC support the Michigan Model?
For some background on UC relationship to it:, here's


Berkeley admin has the UCB posting these stories by Michigan authors -not UC authors on these subjects- as highlights on the UCB 'news' homepage:
"What Berkeley's budget cuts tell us about America's public universities"

The Romers do not offer any analysis on UC Berkeley's structural deficit, but they get into Pres politics in: this Michigan author's piece?...
Uncovering the Bad Math (or Logic) of an Economic Analysis Embraced by Bernie Sanders - The New York Times

HRC repeatedly says "costs" are a reason why higher ed can't be free but she does not talk about the costs of higher ed in this PR she is trying to sell to progressives: -- she should detail out what she believes tuition and fees should fund/cover.

Some of Her key friends: don't look so humanely progressive

UC doesn't look so humanely progressive: either

And then there's:
"But while Obama’s Education Department has thus far seemed unconcerned about accountability, there are signs that his successor may take a more aggressive approach in policing the student loan industry. Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said last month that she was "totally appalled" by what she described as Navient’s "outrageous" behavior toward borrowers."

What should progressives make of it?

HRC talks higher ed in this archive:

UC Davis again in the not great headlines b/c of its Chancellor...
Was this the issue the UC Regents compliance and audit committee took up in closed session last week, or was that agenda item related to the 'snooping on faculty by OP' concerns at UCB?
See Sac Bee:
"UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi quits DeVry board under pressure
Davis chancellor appointed to board last week

Assemblyman, public interest groups expressed concern

She would have earned $70,000 annually plus stock
DeVry board members earn $70,000 annually, as well as restricted stock units with an approximate value of $100,000, according to the Security Exchange Commission.

The appointment was in accordance with University of California policy, Delsohn said, adding that Katehi isn’t compensated for serving on other boards she sits on.

McCarty’s letter, addressed to Katehi and Monica Lozano, chair of the University of California Regents, expressed his concern with the appointment and requested that the UC system review their policies regarding outside professional activities for senior management."

Read more here:


Brown's poll numbers high, is that because Californians support his side of the Committee of Two argument?
With high approval, Jerry Brown is California’s ‘Teflon governor’

UC coming up again and again on IT see CS Montor


Is Napolitano going to be asked about the above items at this event on March 2?
Janet Napolitano: The president of the University of California, former Secretary of Homeland Security and former governor of Arizona appears in conversation with KRON’s Catherine Heenan, presented by the Commonwealth Club. [7:45 p.m., Outdoor Art Club, 1 W. Blithedale Ave., Mill Valley]


Robert Reich on an unimaginable revolt:

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