Monday, March 28, 2016

"The San Francisco Chronicle reports Monday that in a letter to Vice Provost Janet Broughton, tenured professors in Berkeley's South and Southeast Asian Studies department say they are frustrated that numerous complaints against an assistant professor have not been addressed for more than a year. Four cases against the professor were filed with the university during the 2014-15 academic year, none of which has been completed. The latest case involves complaints by five students. A university spokeswoman says the campus is working on improving the process for timely disciplinary action."

UC harassment inquiry shows system’s shortcomings, faculty say
"UC Berkeley policy says that its process for investigating and adjudicating such complaints “will be completed within 60 business days from (the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination’s) receipt of a report absent an extension for good cause.” If there is an extension, it says, the complainant and respondent will be notified in writing.

The graduate students’ cases against Wentworth, however, have been pending for between 11 and 14 months. They say they have not received any final findings, known as Case Outcome Letters, extension notifications or timelines for resolution."
"But South and Southeast Asian Studies Professor Sylvia Tiwon, one of the faculty members who signed the letter to the university about the Wentworth case, expressed frustration that it took bringing media attention to the situation to get action.

“If you don’t speak publicly, it’s like it never happened,” said Tiwon. “And there’s never enough evidence to satisfy everybody. … Think about what these students have to go through. It’s a very demeaning process, and it’s an unbearable choice they have to make, whether to stay in this system and struggle for their careers … or to release from it all and walk away.”

“The reality is that graduate students by their very nature don’t stick around — they graduate, or they drop out,” said Hadler. “And if the system itself is designed to generate delays, then it can be running out the clock in some ways. That’s a real problem.”"

"Said faculty member Ram: “My main concern at present is that the slowness and vagaries of the investigative process have left all affected students in an untenable situation, where they are effectively denied the possibility of continuing their studies in a safe and secure environment, while supportive faculty members look on aghast, with little power to change the situation for the better.”"
"In its lead story this morning, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on yet another case, involving allegations against Blake Wentworth, an assistant professor in Cal’s South and Southeast Asian Studies Department. According to the Chronicle, some faculty members have written a letter to Vice Provost Janet Broughton, condemning how UC Berkeley has handled the case.

The Chronicle quoted one of the people who signed the letter: “I’m tired of being told to keep my mouth shut and let the wheels of justice turn, because they’re turning pretty slowly,” said Professor Jeff Hadler, former chair of the South and Southeast Asian Studies department."
Faculty criticize UC Berkeley over sexual harassment claims


Why is this going to be permanently filled over the summer? what is so special about doing the recruitment over summer?


Could UCSF's entrepreneurial bent work on other UC campuses?

"While UC innovations generated $118.2 million in patent royalties and fees in fiscal 2014, for example, the bulk of the innovation originated from four campuses: UCLA ($38.8 million), UCSF ($23.4 million), UC San Diego ($20 million) and UC Davis ($11.5 million). The newer UC Merced campus generated no patent royalties and fees in fiscal 2014. UC Santa Cruz accounted for less than $200,000 and LBNL brought in $3 million."


CSU faculty should receive 5 percent raise, fact finder says

Salary dispute ongoing since last May has reached end of arbitration

First systemwide strike in CSU history looms next month

Chancellor: ‘I’m not going to spend money I don’t have

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  1. I know Blake Wentworth, and I know he is a solid, great guy. I believe his actions were misconstrued. He is a brilliant, intelligent, deeply religious, honorable, highly intellectual, and demanding (grading wise) teacher and person of integrity. I know the people who complained were upset over the grading and critical feedback he gives over their work in the class.