Wednesday, March 9, 2016

..."the University of California needs a clear conflict-of-interest policy and not a process dependent on the judgment of an individual. “The Legislature needs to insist on conflict-of-interest standards,” he said."

See new Sac Bee Coverage on Katehi's latest article:

"UC President Janet Napolitano: Davis chancellor should stay despite mistake"

And this video:

It begs some questions...

Is the UC general counsel who himself receives such funds able to advise the UC President on the policy without bias, objectively?
One hopes so, right? What about the campus counsel and campus HR?
"Under the current policy, invitations to join boards are vetted by the university’s human resources department and general counsel, then sent for approval to Napolitano"

here: and

Then Note,

"Other top UC officials, including ...the system's general counsel, also reported earning tens of thousands of dollars in outside income from extracurricular board service."


And will Napolitano have her own bias in reviewing them?, will each Academic area receive the same treatment? Will OaklandHQ be able to monitor it going forward?

--It can all get very complex very quickly.
From KCRA :

"UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep Khosla is the only other campus leader who reported serving as a corporate board member that year. He made $12,000 as a director for an information technology company based in India, about $71,000 in stock for serving on the board of 3D imaging firm Quantapoint."

At UCI had that topic as a news piece recently:

"With findings that could have been taken from the pages of a spy novel, researchers at the University of California, Irvine have demonstrated that they can purloin intellectual property by recording and processing sounds emitted by a 3-D printer."


At SD Reader:

Big Khosla is Watching

UCSD chancellor joins board of Canadian high-tech surveillance outfit
BTW it seems like her old job comes up more and more, including this unfortunate one on UCSC.

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