Wednesday, March 23, 2016

UC Regents Meeting agenda March 23

UPDATE: The Morning session can be viewed here at this link:

LA Times on the UC regents say anti-Semitism has 'no place' on campus but reject blanket censure of anti-Zionism

Key comment on the UC Pension came from Regent Perez, he was very succinct, and expert in his comments and questions: at the 04:06:00 mark here

UC Berkeley professor Judith Butler gave public comment that was interrupted by the Secretary to the Regents - here are her comments in full and some additional comments after the amendment to the policy language and got took place:

Judith Butler's Statement on UC Regents Proposed Principles Against Intolerance

Note this headline from SF Chron (it is time stamped as ten hours old at 2:30pm PST,why?) differs from LA Times:
UC regents committee OKs ‘anti-Zionism’ as discrimination

--Maybe the policy or the "aspirational" affirmations leave it all highly contestable, subjective, ongoing unresolved...

Another key point of the meeting were the comments around health treatment disparities for UC Students particularly comments on services at UC Merced and the student observer and then the UCSA leadership comments on that part of the meeting---

Live and archive of this week's UC Regents meeting sessions can be viewed via this direct link:
See: this link for agenda items and ways to view
Wednesday, March 23

8:30 am
Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf)

9:30 am
Committee on Educational Policy (open session) (pdf)

10:45 am
Committee on Finance (open session) (pdf)

12:00 pm

1:00 pm Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories (open session) (pdf)

1:30 pm
Committee on Compensation (closed session) (pdf)

1:45 pm
Committee on Compensation (Regents only session) (pdf)

2:30 pm Committee on Governance (Regents only session) (pdf)

2:40 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (Regents only session) (pdf)

3:00 pm
Committee on Educational Policy (Regents only session) (pdf)

3:15 pm
Committee on Finance (Regents only session) (pdf)

4:00 pm
Board (Regents only session) (pdf)

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