Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Who Read It That Way?

Now a story about a petition: Petition pushes to keep Cuonzo Martin as Cal's basketball coach
And here is that petition if you are so inclined, or just want to read it in full.:
It, in part, says this:
"Given the report took eight months to generate, the fact that Coach Martin is now being separately investigated strikes us as both unnecessary and short sighted."

(Agree, sort of. Why didn't UC anticipate the question? Why didn't they look into it parallel to looking into the other aspects so that the findings would have all been available when the story broke? All of that was easy to anticipate, so...)

The petition also asserts:

"The individual who was affected by Coach Hufnagel's behavior was not forthcoming of details when she first reached out and upon learning those details Coach Martin took immediate and proper steps."

It also characterizes IX like this:

"The near-daily evolution of Title IX rules and administrative guidance has made it very difficult to completely understand the roles and responsibilities of reporting parties, and the myriad of types of complainants and respondents. As you know, Title IX and The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is first and foremost about protecting students who are subject to a sexually hostile campus environment. So when you have you employees, third parties, vendors and visitors to campus involved, and especially when no students are involved, the duties and obligations are not clear. Back in 2015 when this situation was happening, it was even more muddled since this area of law has changed and evolved even from that time. OCR itself has had to clarify and withdraw many of the public notices they have made. If the enforcing body is not clear about the application of its rules, how can we expect non-subject matter experts who are administrators to be held to some all-knowing, overbearing standard?"

--just, as far as petitions go... There was a petition a couple years back to fire Katehi that 116,000+++ signed, so...
Cal launches investigation 'to dispel any doubts' about head coach's role in harassment case - The San Francisco Examiner

Is that how they are supposed to be set up? With an objective to dispel?

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University Diaries with this HOT story:
Well, it has hopped from a local newspaper to the AP…

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