Saturday, March 26, 2016

Will the bias monitoring... Be biased? And so it continues...

You can already hear the chatter:
UC Regents Plan To Monitor Campuses' Response To Anti-Semitism and Other Bias

"Regent Norman J. Pattiz said in an interview Thursday that multiple cases of hostility toward Jewish students at UC campuses prompted him and other regents to take a more active role in monitoring the situation. He said many Jewish members of the UC community felt that complaints about bias toward them have not been taken seriously enough.
"We're asking for regular reports on instances of intolerance that take place on campus ... so we can determine whether we think the actions taken were appropriate," he said. "This is just Jews standing up for ourselves during a period where instances of anti-Semitism continue to be reported on college campuses.""

-- and in that story other groups plan to monitor UC on First Amendment compliance.
The concern seems to be
will other groups receive the same monitor of bias effort if they don't have representation on the UC Board of Regents - those who are now sitting on the board and "sticking up for ourselves"/themselves?

Did they just engage in further bias, create more problems on climate?


University of California Adopts Policy Linking Anti-Zionism to Anti-Semitism
On First Amendment and other issues at Cal, there is this type of coverage:

PC Zealots Seek And Destroy Lars Ulrich At UC-Berkeley

"Politically engaged people of all stripes are turning their back on the most important right in American society: the right to speak without fear of violent repression. It is a terrible tragedy that we evidently cannot trust our public universities to serve as moral compasses leading us back toward civility."

It also points to Daily Cal video of the disruption if you didn't catch that at DC.

And there was that OP ED in DC

Ironically, and not covered in that Daily Beast article: Didn't one of the members of Dirks cabinet who complained about that disruption at that Ulrich event then, himself, go on to grab the lens of a News outlets camera when it was stationed as he brusquely walked passed it on Bancroft Ave? , that happened just days after the Ulrich, Benioff etc event... Video here

So yeah, the moral compass...

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