Monday, April 4, 2016

CGI sessions at Cal - "We are not at a political event, so I will not answer that," Bill Clinton said

But first see:
Robert Reich on Why The Major Media Marginalize Bernie
but, why are they so surprised?


ABC local kgo:

"As a Stanford alum, I can't believe I am happy to be at Berkeley," Clinton said."


"I hope that what will be clear to all of you at the end of the weekend is that we believe that no one is ever too old or too young to make a difference," Clinton said.

Her father, Bill Clinton, challenged students to make a difference in their communities and never be afraid to fail

"Reminds me of what Winston Churchill once said about the United States, he said we always do the right thing after exhausting every alternative," Bill Clinton said.

Outside, protesters blamed Clinton for his 1994 crime bill, which they say cause the prison population to explode. One heckler got inside and interrupted the former president.

"We are not at a political event, so I will not answer that," Bill Clinton said."

(For a visual...Clinton had his arm swung around Dirks shoulders, neck area- they were both at the mic at the same time- while he said that last part)

Critics say the Clinton Foundation receive international donations from countries with poor human rights records, which could create a political hot potato for Hillary Clinton's bid for president

"It becomes an issue that you don't want to discuss. You don't want to have to keep saying, we're clean, we're clean, we're clean because when people are saying you may not be clean," said UC Berkeley professor Jack Citrin.

At the forum, entrepreneurs and activists urged everyone to be proud and vocal about who you are.

"At the end of the day those stories are what make us human. Those stories are what allow us to empathize with other," founder of Amani Al-Khatahtbeh.

The forum continues on the Cal campus through Sunday."


Opening Plenary, where Blum and Dirks comment:

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