Monday, April 25, 2016

Choudhry's grievance: “(Napolitano has) flagrantly and repeatedly breached the most basic rights to due process held by every Senate Faculty member at the University of California.”

See: Former dean of Berkeley Law files grievance with campus Privilege and Tenure Committee

This earlier piece from someone at Stanford:
Double Jeopardy at the University of California

LA Times:
Former Berkeley law school dean blasts new sexual misconduct review against him

"UC officials referred requests for comment to Berkeley.
Dan Mogulof, a Berkeley spokesman, said the university’s policy allowed administrators and faculty to take separate disciplinary actions against those who violate its code of conduct.

“There is no ‘duplicative process,’” Mogulof said in a statement. “The administration’s steps have complied with university policy and reflect the seriousness of the conduct described in the investigative report issued by the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination.”"

Editorial: UC must hold faculty accused of sexual assault as culpable as students

See this Week of Action series:
"As the current series of scandals at UC Berkeley and across the UC has made evident, the university’s response to campus sexual harassment and assault has been woefully inadequate and represents a larger systemic problem in academia. From April 26th to April 28th the postdoc union will be hosting a series of events at the Berkeley campus to address UC’s failure to protect survivors and provide a safe environment for students and employees.

Know Your Rights Teach-Ins – April 26th and 27th
We are hosting four Know Your Rights teach-ins by legal experts (Equal Rights Advocates lawyers, and lawyers who are currently working on sexual harassment cases) for students, postdocs, staff and faculty to provide information and resources about sexual harassment – what your rights are under the law, what you need to know about the UC policy, and how you can be an advocate and support others."

See the list of events here:

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