Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Cloud of Controversy" Over the May UC Regents Meeting in Sacramento?!

See: KCRA has this Records shed light on Katehi Investigation There are allegations that Chancellor Linda Katehi's family benefitted from her position. KCRA 3 Investigates has been digging even deeper into the allegations. - it gives the dollar figures on the salary increases etc.


Also this other story:


Sac Bee with Gavin Newsom says ‘it’s time’ for UC Davis Chancellor Katehi to quit

Lieutenant governor, a member of the UC Board of Regents, calls for Katehi to resign

Says series of scandals overshadows her good work as chancellor

Says UC governing board will discuss Katehi at next meeting

"Newsom said the Board of Regents would have a closed-session personnel discussion about Katehi at their next meeting in May.

“I don’t think I’m the only one of the regents that feels this way,” he said."

Read more here:

CA Legislators reference 'a cloud of controversy" in their official letter here:
Bipartisan group of 5 legislators officially ask UC Regents & UC President Nopalitano to dismiss Chancellor Katehi!

" see tis new story- and the perception that she violated the trust of UC President Janet Napolitano.

"The president was concerned about apparent misstatements that the chancellor made publicly and to her personally," UC spokesperson Dianne Klein said."

Katehi's 'apparent misstatements' led to UC action"

...Sunshine is the best disinfectant," Stenhouse added. "It always is in these types of situations. So it's time for UC to take a step back, a humble look in the mirror and say, ‘This is what our policy is. We are going to hold every employee to this standard.’"?

As for Katehi's ultimate fate, Klein said, "If there is the perception that trust has been broken, that's a problem. And so, I believe the president feels this merits review."


And Sac Bee also now has:

Katehi sought meeting with firm hired by UC Davis to eradicate pepper spray posts

UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi asked to meet with online reputation firm in 2013

Katehi last week downplayed her involvement with online cleanup effort

Katehi was suspended Wednesday, partly for ‘misstatements’ about her involvement with such firms

Read more here:

I’m trying to keep a lid on the DeVry issue,” Sandra Fried, a UC legislative affairs director, wrote in an email to UC Davis officials on Feb. 24.

“I think the issue really is DeVry rather than the income. DeVry is considered a very bad actor in the private postsecondary world (which is saying a lot).”"

"“I don’t need to see a listening report to know this is a s---storm…,” Katehi spokesman Gary Delsohn wrote in an email reply."

Disturbing-this section:
"kept tabs on McCarty.

“Though he is politically influential, he has a relatively small following on Twitter, and his posts on the Chancellor receive low engagement, with the exception of his press release on legislative hearings, which earned 22 retweets and 8 favorites,” the company reported."

-- and the section detailing PR advice on handling protests...when Katehi's said that was determined by UC policy, not PR.

Other nuggets:

"The firm also reported to UC Davis that a Fox 40 reporter “reached out to a student on"...

"“We are just as good if not better than Berkeley and it’s time for the university to say that,” one unnamed official told"...

And much, much more in that in depth article.



And there is

Key players in the investigation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi

SF Chron OpEd

UC Davis doesn’t need an ethically challenged campus leader

Remember these UC Regents meetings are coming up:
May 2 - Committee on Investments
May 11-12 - Sacramento



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